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Empower Your Business with Aruba Networks Enterprise Network and Security Solution

Aruba Networks | Enterprise Network and Security Solution | SourceIT

Aruba Networks (part of hewlett packard enterprise company) is the global leader in wired, wireless, and SD-WAN solutions that use AI to automate and secure the network from edge-to-cloud. Repeatedly been recognized by third party analysts as a leader in Wi-Fi 6, switching, SD-Branch, and a visionary in Data Center networking. The world’s largest companies rely on us to provide a secure, AI-powered edge services platform (aruba edge services platform) that spans across campus, branch, data center, and remote working environments. 

Faced with complex security threats and the need for seamless network management, organizations are in search of the ideal enterprise networking partner. Aruba Networks enterprise network and security solution offers a strategic blend of responsive connectivity, AI-powered insights, and advanced security measures tailored for the modern enterprise. Discover how Aruba’s unique approach to enterprise networking can meet the demands of your business, ensuring a secure and efficient digital environment.

SourceIT is an authorized distributor of Aruba Network in Singapore (South East Asia Continent).

Key Takeaways

  • Aruba Networks provides comprehensive network and security solutions with advanced features such as Wi-Fi 6, AI-driven insights, deep packet inspection, and integrated policy management to enhance enterprise connectivity and performance.

  • The company integrates Zero Trust security across all networking environments, utilizing identity-based access control, the SASE framework for consistent security policies, and continuous monitoring for adaptive trust and real-time security decisions.

  • Aruba Central streamlines network management using AI insights and offers flexible deployment models, while customer success stories highlight significant cost savings and performance improvements.

Revolutionizing Enterprise Connectivity with Aruba Networks

A modern office setup with multiple devices connected to an Aruba network

Aruba Networks leads in delivering comprehensive enterprise network and security solutions that guarantee:

  • Seamless connectivity

  • Robust protection for contemporary businesses

  • Fast roaming for clients

  • Transformational outcomes through innovative deployment, consumption, and management of networks as a Service (NaaS)

Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is pioneering a revolution in enterprise connectivity with their HPE Aruba networking solutions, under the umbrella of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company.

Unmatched Network Performance

Wi-Fi 6 router with multiple connected devices

With Aruba’s wireless LAN solutions, organizations can benefit from Wi-Fi 6 technology, enabling high-speed, reliable access throughout the entire network. Aruba’s deep packet inspection engine enhances network performance by providing comprehensive visibility over 3,000 applications with integrated policy management, ensuring constant network performance and preemptively addressing potential disruptions.

Integrated Security Across Every Layer

Network security illustration with dynamic segmentation

Aruba Networks incorporates advanced threat intelligence using machine learning and AI algorithms to analyze and respond to network traffic patterns in real time. With encryption protocols like WPA3 and VPN technology, Aruba Network Solutions protect wireless communications and create secure tunnels for remote access.

Their comprehensive security approach provides full protection against unauthorized access, rogue devices, and attacks, thanks to their continuous threat monitoring via the Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS).

Simplified Management through AI-Powered Insights

Aruba Networks simplifies network operations by leveraging AI-based device profiling to provide clear visibility of network entities, enhancing user and IoT device differentiation. AI-driven analytics in Aruba Central predict and mitigate network issues, boosted by ‘time travel’ troubleshooting that reviews historical data for swift issue resolution.

Their AI-driven approach guarantees efficient network management by automating troubleshooting and facilitating rapid responses to network anomalies.

The Foundation of Zero Trust with Aruba Networks

Network security illustration with dynamic segmentation

Implementing a Zero Trust architecture is a critical step in securing modern networks. Aruba Networks integrates Zero Trust principles across all areas of networking, which are activated from:

  • the edge

  • the campus

  • the data center

  • the cloud

Aruba utilizes the SASE framework to provide top-tier security capabilities that can adapt to evolving security environments.

Identity-Based Access Control

Aruba’s identity-based access control is a cornerstone of their Zero Trust implementation. With ClearPass, Aruba enables secure authentication and access, which supports multi-factor authentication and certificates, as well as integration with external identity providers.

Granular access control is implemented using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to align user access with their specific roles and responsibilities within the organization. It guarantees secure and unified policy-based access control, irrespective of the device used or the location.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptive Trust

Aruba’s continuous monitoring is an integral feature of its networking solutions, laying the foundation for real-time security decisions. Through adaptive trust, Aruba ensures secure and resilient networks that dynamically adjust permissions and policies, reflecting Aruba’s commitment to adaptive trust.

Consistent Security Policies Across All Environments

Uniform security policies are essential in complex hybrid environments to maintain robust protection across different locations and devices. Aruba’s security-first networking incorporates Zero Trust principles, ensuring consistent and strong security policies for all users and devices, irrespective of their locality or connection type.

SASE Security Frameworks: The Future of Network Protection

Aruba Networks leverages the SASE framework to deliver world-class security features, including:

  • Integrating with major security services edge (SSE) vendors

  • Providing a comprehensive connectivity fabric that marries SSE with industry-leading SD-WAN

  • Combining the application of Zero Trust principles with the flexibility of SASE architectures

  • Facilitating centralized enforcement of access rules across various locations and connections

This approach ensures a secure and flexible network infrastructure.

Secure Web Gateway Integration

Aruba Networks integrates advanced threat intelligence and robust Secure Web Gateway functionality to enhance network security. This integration empowers IT teams to preemptively block access to malicious websites, mitigating the risk of phishing and DDoS attacks.

With the integration of these advanced security features, Aruba guarantees heightened threat protection and identity-centric network access, ensuring complexity protect users from potential cyber attacks.

SD-WAN Solutions for Modern Enterprises

Aruba’s SD-WAN solutions enhance business agility and reduce overall WAN costs by utilizing cost-effective internet and 5G connections to create secure tunnels for branch offices. The EdgeConnect Microbranch solution extends SD-WAN and SASE framework capabilities, providing remote workers and devices with office-like experiences and policy-based access control.

WAN infrastructure is simplified through the consolidation of routing, firewall, WAN optimization, and SD-WAN into a single platform, resulting in streamlined branch setups with fewer devices.

Aligning Technical and Staffing Requirements

Aruba’s platform enhances visibility and streamlines security operations, simplifying the enforcement of consistent security policies across the network. This approach simplifies the security infrastructure by integrating advanced security features without additional hardware, thus reducing complexity and costs which benefits resource-strapped security teams.

Aruba Network’s operating system optimizes network security management by:

  • Utilizing advanced AI and machine learning

  • Assisting technical staff in upkeeping network integrity

  • Offering uncomplicated licensing and consumption models

Optimizing Operations with Aruba Central

Aruba Central serves as the single cloud-native dashboard for controlling, provisioning, and managing Aruba’s comprehensive networking and security offerings. This platform offers:

  • AI insights

  • Security

  • Unified management across networks through a single interface

  • Subscription-based AIOps, security, and management licenses with ArubaOS 10.

AI-Powered Operational Efficiency

AI-powered insights play a pivotal role in Aruba Central. These insights facilitate quick troubleshooting leading to continuous network optimization and fine-tuning.

Aruba Central expands the scope for network management and optimization, thanks to enhanced AIOps, security, and other premium features accessible through advanced licenses.

Policy-Based Automation and Control

Aruba Central’s policy-based automation enables administrators to define roles and access privileges, ensuring they are uniformly enforced across the network. Dynamic Segmentation, as utilized by Doane University, exemplifies Aruba’s policy-based automation in a real-world setting, helping to automate device connectivity and handle a significant increase in device numbers without adding extra administrative burden.

Flexible Financing and Deployment Models

Aruba Central provides deployment flexibility with SaaS, on-premises, and managed service options, enabling enterprises to select the model that aligns best with their current budgets and networking requirements. Aruba supports a spectrum of financial models suitable for different enterprise budgets, offering traditional CapEx options alongside flexible OpEx models and Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions through Aruba Central.

Customer Success Stories with Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks has helped organizations like Doane University and KEMET enhance their network infrastructure, improve performance, and reduce costs. Doane University overhauled its legacy Cisco wired and Wi-Fi systems, partnering with Aruba Networks to support a new digital-first campus vision with fewer outages.

Case Study Highlights

Aruba Networks’ solutions have led to significant cost savings, increased network throughput, and reduced wireless incident tickets for clients like Doane University.

After the full deployment of Aruba’s solutions, Doane University experienced a significant tenfold increase in network throughput and a 60% drop in wireless incident tickets.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Clients like Derek Bierman and Ryan Dorshorst express satisfaction with Aruba Networks’ solutions, linking improvements to student success and academic excellence. The establishment of Aruba Networks’ infrastructure played a pivotal role in enabling Doane University to introduce new initiatives that maintain their lofty standards of academic excellence.

Advancing Edge Computing with Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks enhances IoT and Industry 4.0 automation, enabling organizations to turn edge data into actionable insights and manage the surge of IoT devices. The Edge Services Platform (ESP) from Aruba is an industry-leading AI-powered solution that unifies, automates, and secures edge computing, surpassing legacy network models.

Edge-to-Cloud Security and Connectivity

Aruba Networks caters to emerging IoT use cases through its Edge Services Platform (ESP) and User Experience Insight dashboard, thus guaranteeing secure and efficient edge-to-cloud connectivity.

The Aruba User Experience Insight dashboard provides continuous monitoring of user and application experiences, including performance metrics for security, which is essential for robust edge-to-cloud connectivity.

Managing the Surge of IoT Devices

Aruba Network’s IoT Operations service boosts visibility into IoT devices throughout the network, significantly minimizing IoT blind spots. Aruba ESP’s certified integrations and interoperability with IoT technology partner programs support IT and OT teams in effectively managing hyper-aware facilities.

Navigating the Complexities of Modern Networking

Aruba Networks addresses the complexities of legacy networking with its ESP, providing a platform that unifies, automates, and secures edge computing for various industries.

Aruba’s solutions are deployed in high-profile venues like the Chase Center, enhancing guest experiences with secure hybrid cloud connectivity.


In conclusion, Aruba Networks provides comprehensive network and security solutions for modern enterprises. With its innovative technology, seamless connectivity, robust security measures, and AI-powered insights, Aruba Networks is revolutionizing enterprise connectivity, laying the foundation of Zero Trust, and leading the way in SASE security frameworks. Aruba Networks is not only navigating the complexities of modern networking but also advancing edge computing, effectively managing the surge of IoT devices, and offering flexible financing and deployment models.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aruba Networks used for?

Aruba Networks is used for providing a secure connectivity solution, allowing users to connect securely to any business resource regardless of their location.

What happened to Aruba Networks?

Aruba Networks was acquired by HP and now operates as the "Intelligent Edge" business unit of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, including their networking and security operations.

What is Aruba in cyber security?

Aruba ClearPass uses contextual information to create secure network access policies, allowing unknown devices to connect without compromising the network. This helps to enhance cybersecurity.

How does Aruba Networks ensure seamless connectivity and robust protection for modern businesses?

Aruba Networks ensures seamless connectivity and robust protection for modern businesses through cloud-assisted roaming services and a security-first paradigm with a universal security policy. These measures enable fast roaming for clients and provide consistent protection across all connection methods.

How does Aruba Networks address the complexities of legacy networking?

Aruba Networks addresses the complexities of legacy networking through its ESP, which unifies, automates, and secures edge computing, providing a comprehensive solution for modernizing network infrastructure.

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  • Tech Data Corporation
  • Vstecs (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Westcon Solutions Pte. Ltd.

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