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EPOS | Sennheiser Audio Solutions Designed For Enterprise

EPOS Cutting-Edge Digital Audio Solutions for Corporate BusinessesEPOS | Sennheiser Audio Solutions Designed For Enterprise | SourceIT

EPOS | Sennheiser is not a new industry player – until 2020 we were known as Sennheiser Communications, a company established in 2003 as a joint venture between audio specialist Sennheiser and the world-leading hearing healthcare group, Demant. In 2020, Sennheiser and Demant saw great opportunity in focusing their attention on different business segments, each with independent, end-to-end responsibility. As such, both parties amicably agreed to conclude the joint venture and evolve the business segments into different setups: EPOS and Sennheiser.

SourceIT, a Sennheiser local sennheiser service partner carry and sell the complete range of EPOS | Sennheiser headsets and all available accessories . Our product specialists are happy to advise you which type of headset and associated accessories are right for you. It is also possible to get a trial headset (Subject to EPOS approval) in consultation so that you can test it completely without obligation and free of charge. Warranty certificate and limited warranty applies for all EPOS | Sennheiser products purchased from us. For more information please contact us or view the EPOS | Sennheiser information page.

EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 600 Wireless ANC Headset with BTD 800 | SourceITAdapt 600 Wireless ANC 


EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 560/563 Wireless ANC Headset | SourceITAdapt 560/563 Wireless ANC 


EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 460/460T Wireless ANC Neckband Headset | SourceIT

Adapt 460/460T Wireless Neckband


EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 360 Wireless ANC Headset With BTD 800 | SourceIT

 Adapt 360 Wireless ANC 


EPOS | Sennheiser Audio Solutions Designed For Enterprise | SourceITEPOS Presents: The Power Of Audio

Sennheiser Warranty Singapore (Updated 2022)

Repair Hub Service Address:

(Replace Defective Products and Warranty Claims)

1 Jalan Kilang Timor, #06-01
Pacific Tech Centre
Singapore 159303

Appointment Link:


Items to bring along:

1) Defective product(s)
2) For Warranty Claim - Proof of purchase (compulsory)
3) For Warranty Claim - Product box (optional)
4) Service Order Acknowledgment for collection


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