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Choosing the Right Sound: EPOS Impact 700 vs 800 vs 1000 Headset Comparison

Confused about whether to pick the EPOS Impact 700 vs 800 vs 1000 headset? We’ve compared these models focusing on the essentials: audio performance, comfort, and key features, to help you find the right fit for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • The EPOS Impact series, designed for professional communication, excels in providing clear, natural sound with ergonomic comfort, and includes models with unique features such as adaptive ANC and dual-connectivity.

  • EPOS Impact headsets offer leading-edge audio performance and noise cancellation, making them suitable for challenging environments like open offices and contact centers, and include safety features like ActiveGard to protect users’ hearing.

  • The advanced BrainAdapt technology in the EPOS Impact series potentially increases user productivity and cognitive performance by up to 40%, highlighting EPOS’s commitment to incorporating world-class research into their headset designs.

EPOS Impact Series Overview

EPOS Impact Series Overview: A stylish and professional illustration of the EPOS Impact series headsets

In the realm of professional communication, the EPOS Impact series shines as a flagship enterprise headset range. This series is purposefully designed to enhance seamless communication in professional settings, making it an ideal choice for those seeking clear and natural sound during calls. As a result, the EPOS Impact series has gained significant traction in the enterprise headset market.

Neither is comfort overlooked. The Impact series enhances user experience through sophisticated audio tools, ensuring comfort. Moreover, the series offers features that facilitate easy call handling, making it a go-to choice for professional use.

From the Impact 700 to the entire Impact generation line, including the impact 700 and 800, this series is all about delivering premium audio quality with ease and comfort.

The Key Differences: Impact 700, 800, and 1000

The Key Differences: Impact 700, 800, and 1000: An artistic representation of the Impact series headsets

The EPOS Impact series offers a variety of models, each with its own unique features. From the adaptive ANC technology of the Impact 1000 to the dual-connectivity feature of the Impact 800, and the robust design of the Impact 700—each model has a distinct character. With the growing influence of Integrated Systems Europe, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest advancements in audio technology.

We will now further explore the design, audio performance, and unique features that distinguish these models.

Design and Comfort

The Impact series of headsets:

  • Exemplifies cutting-edge design and human-centric elements

  • Is constructed with superior materials

  • Is designed to be ergonomically comfortable for users

  • Provides excellent speech intelligibility

Consider the EPOS IMPACT 800 series as an example. The series includes models such as:

  • IMPACT 801: A lightweight and comfortable headset with excellent sound quality

  • IMPACT 802: A wireless headset with a long battery life and noise-cancelling microphone

  • IMPACT 860 ANC: This model stands out for its comfort, thanks to its breathable ear cushions and a well-padded headband. It’s perfect for those long hours on calls or listening to audio.

Audio Clarity and Performance

The Impact series pioneers in providing audio solutions. With industry-leading voice pickup, these headsets are equipped with three digital microphones and technologies that not only provide great microphone clarity but also enhance speech and filter out ambient noise. This ensures communications are reliably clear even in busy settings.

For example, the IMPACT 860 ANC model. It boasts superior audio quality, capable of reproducing detailed stereo sound. Plus, it includes ActiveGard technology to protect users’ hearing—a clear demonstration of EPOS’s unwavering commitment to user safety and comfort.

Additional Features and Compatibility

The Impact series headsets, apart from their striking design and audio performance, are loaded with extra features that boost user experience and functionality.

From enhanced security features to a comprehensive product portfolio, these headsets are more than just an audio device—they’re a complete solution for all the communication needs, including audio and video solutions.

Optimal Environments: Open Office vs Contact Center

Optimal Environments: Open Office vs Contact Center: A vibrant illustration depicting open office and contact center settings

Open office environments can be challenging when it comes to ensuring natural sounding calls. However, this is not a concern with EPOS Impact headsets. They are optimized for settings where background noise reduction is crucial, such as open offices and contact centers.

Take into account the IMPACT 800 series, which boasts hybrid Active Noise Cancellation and a noise-cancelling microphone. It ensures clear conversations by minimizing background disturbances. For contact center professionals, the series offers headsets designed to accommodate extensive use and protect against acoustic shocks—a testament to EPOS’s commitment to the needs of its users.

Cognitive Well-Being and Productivity

At first glance, cognitive well-being and mental health alongside productivity may appear as distinct concerns. However, upon closer examination, you’ll discover a strong correlation between them. Poor mental health, such as depression and anxiety, can lead to decreased motivation and increased stress, negatively affecting productivity.

Effective treatment and management strategies, however, can turn the tables. For instance, when ADHD is effectively treated, it can lead to a considerable increase in productivity by improving an individual’s ability to concentrate. It’s essential, though, that this pursuit complements, rather than diminishes, an individual’s overall quality of life.

Wireless vs Wired: Choosing the Right Headset for Your Needs

In the process of selecting the ideal headset, deciding between a wired or wireless option is a crucial consideration. Each has its own advantages. Wired headphones, for instance, are more reliable for long listening sessions as they do not require a battery.

On the other hand, wireless headphones offer greater mobility and convenience with features like touch controls or voice assistants. However, they need regular recharging and can experience connection drops or interference from other wireless devices. Whatever your preference, the EPOS Impact series has you covered with a variety of wired and wireless DECT headset options, utilizing digital enhanced cordless telecommunications technology.

Empowering the Talk-Centric Business Professional

Effective communication is of paramount importance in any business environment. For talk-centric business professionals, this importance is magnified. The IMPACT 860 ANC, with its user-focused design features like the 360-degree LED indicator for call status and adjustable sidetone, enhances user experience in office settings.

However, it isn’t solely about user-friendliness. The IMPACT 860 ANC enables users to hold critical conversations with confidence, thanks to its industry-leading voice pickup and clear communication capabilities. It’s a true testament to EPOS’s commitment to empowering workers and improving business strategies.

EPOS BrainAdapt Technologies

In the enterprise headset sphere, advanced technology consistently attracts attention. EPOS is no exception. The company’s current trajectory suggests that their BrainAdapt technology in the IMPACT 800 series is a game-changer.

This cutting edge technology enhances productivity and cognitive performance by up to 40%, showcasing EPOS’s commitment to applying world-leading research in their product development. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of effective communication, EPOS headsets are revolutionizing enterprise communication through their innovative features.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

There’s no better method to evaluate a product’s effectiveness than through user experiences. The EPOS Impact 700 series is rated and reviewed by customers, providing a comprehensive insight into its performance.

And for businesses considering bulk purchases of 4 or more EPOS Impact 700 series headsets, there’s the opportunity to test the products beforehand. This shows EPOS’s confidence in their products and their commitment to customer satisfaction.


As we come to the end of this deep dive into the EPOS Impact series, it’s clear that these headsets are much more than just an audio device. They are a complete communication solution, offering superior audio quality, comfort, and advanced features that make communication seamless in professional settings.

Whether you’re a talk-centric professional, work in an open office or a contact center, or just value clear, natural sound—there’s an EPOS Impact headset for you. So, why not elevate your communication to a new level with the EPOS Impact series?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the EPOS Impact series stand out in the enterprise headset market?

The EPOS Impact series stands out in the enterprise headset market due to its purposeful design, premium audio quality, comfort, and easy call handling, offering a range of models with unique features tailored to different professional settings.

How does the EPOS Impact series ensure clear communication in noisy environments?

The EPOS Impact series ensures clear communication in noisy environments by being optimized for settings where background noise reduction is crucial, and by being equipped with technologies that enhance speech and filter out ambient noise.

How does the BrainAdapt technology in the EPOS Impact series enhance productivity?

The BrainAdapt technology in the EPOS Impact series enhances productivity and cognitive performance by up to 40%.

Are there options available for both wired and wireless headsets in the EPOS Impact series?

Yes, the EPOS Impact series offers both wired and wireless DECT headset options to cater to different workplace communication preferences.

Can businesses test the EPOS Impact 700 series headsets before making bulk purchases?

Yes, businesses considering bulk purchases of 4 or more EPOS Impact 700 series headsets can test the products beforehand to ensure they meet their requirements.