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HPE Data Cartridges Tape Drives Data Backup Devices

HPE Ultrium Storage Media Data & Disk Cartridges, Optical Disks

HPE Ultrium Storage Media Data & Disk Cartridges, Optical Disks

Nowadays, data storage cartridges provide the most reliable and effective storage solution. Data keeps on flooding in our business organizations and enterprises and thus there is need for a storage medium which can store and retrieve the data as and when required. HPE (Hewlett Packant Enterprise) data cartridges have proven to be efficient storage medium in the past decades. In this blog we will put a light on the functionalities, uses and advantages of HPE data cartridges which make them so popular.

What are HPE Data Cartridges?

HPE data cartridges are magnetic tape storage media for long term data storage. These cartridges offer low cost and large capacity storage which is scalable as per the requirements. They are widely used in archiving, backup and disaster recovery operations.

Dependability and longevity:

HPE data cartridges deliver outstanding dependability and longevity. Tape media can withstand worst environmental conditions for long term storage. Cartridges are temperature stable, resistant to humidity, dust and magnetic fields. This ensures longevity of data stored on tape cartridges and its dependability when read after long periods. This factor plays a very important role in any organization as it cannot afford to lose any information which is archived.

Storage Capacity:

HPE data cartridges provide enormous storage capacity which ranges from few hundred GBs to several TBs. High storage capacity helps in storing bulk data and reduces physical storage area requirement. With growing business data storage needs, HPE data cartridges are scalable to meet these arising demands in near future.

Transfer Rate:

Data cartridges cannot compete with SSDs or HDDs in terms of speed but they surely provide a quite satisfactory data transfer rate for bulk archival and backup storage. HPE data cartridges use advanced tape technology such as Linear Tape-Open (LTO) which supports high speed data transfer rate. This factor plays a vital role in performing backup and restore operations on time and thus avoiding any downtime in business operations.

Cost Efficiency:

Cost efficiency is another factor which cannot be ignored while discussing HPE data cartridges. Tape based storage is way cheaper than any other storage medium such as SSDs or even Cloud Storage in case of large volume data retention. Investment on tape drives and data cartridges required at initial stages of organization is less and it decreases the cost per TB of stored data significantly. HPE data cartridges provide cost effective storage solution to organizations which have bulk data storage requirements and limited budget to spend on storage medium.

Security and Compliance:

Security and compliance are major concerns of any business organization regardless of the industry they are into. HPE data cartridges provide strong data encryption features to ensure that data stored on tapes is secure in case of loss or theft of data cartridges. Advanced encryption algorithms protect sensitive data from unwanted eyes and helps in meeting compliance requirements and thus maintaining trust of customers.

Preserve Data for Long Term:

HPE data cartridges serve the purpose of data retention for long terms. Tape based storage provides long shelf life and data cartridges if stored properly can retain data for decades. This factor makes them perfect for archival storage where data is required after years of its inactivity.

Vast Applications:

HPE data cartridges are widely used in various industries and applications. They are majorly used in data backup and disaster recovery operations. Tape based storage provides secure and effective solution to protect critical business data and thus HPE data cartridges are widely used in backup and recovery operations.

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