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Maximize Your Desk Space: The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm Review

Posted by Wei Fei on

If you’re frustrated with having an unorganized desk and awkward monitor angles, the Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm could be a perfect solution to upgrade your workspace or gaming area. This review will focus on evaluating this item’s features, advantages, and flexibility.

Key Takeaways

  • Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm offers precision and strength, a visually appealing design, easy installation process and adaptability to various desk types.

  • Offers maximum screen size support up to 49 inches for curved displays with VESA MIS-D/E/F mounting standards suitable for both gaming and office use.

  • Comes with 10 year warranty on product plus additional accessories such as the Triple Monitor Bow Kit or Heavy Duty Tilt Pivot accessory available for Customization.

Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm: An Overview

Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm

The Ergotron HX Desk Monitor. Arm is a strong and precise desk mount solution for creating an efficient workspace setup. It has the capacity to support large monitors weighing 20-42 lbs, as well as ultrawide screens like the Samsung 49” Odyssey G9 gaming monitor – perfect both for gamers or office professionals.

Precision and Strength

The HX Desk Monitor. Arm is constructed from robust steel and aluminum to ensure long-term stability, even for large monitors. Its features include: a reliable heavy-duty design that can accommodate bigger displays, accurate screen positioning, as well as a secure connection point between the monitor arm and display itself. With its capacity of carrying up to 20–42 lbs in weight capacity when in compact retracted position, yet not compromising on shipping dimensions, you’ll benefit from greater stability while keeping your device intact.

Design and Aesthetics

The Ergotron HX Desk Monitor Arm, crafted from polished aluminum to fit any workspace decor, allows for optimal desk space and provides comfortable surface edges with precise movement of an ultrawide monitor.

Installation Made Simple

Simple Installation of Monitor Arm

The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor. Arm is an ideal solution for those looking to increase desk versatility, simplify installation and organize cables. This monitor arm can be securely attached to various desks of different thicknesses, perfect for both gamers and office professionals alike. Not only does it offer effective cable management options but also provides a reliable way for mounting monitors with ultrawide compatibility features!

Desk Adaptability

Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor. Arm is designed for desks of diverse types and thicknesses. Its grommet mount attachment guarantees secure support for large monitors weighing up to 42 lbs (19.1 kg). This monitor arm from Ergoton HX is the perfect choice if you need an ultrawide display solution for your workspace needs.

Cable Management Perfection

The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor. Arm provides an integrated cable management system, with velcro straps to tidy up and secure the cords of your monitor, helping you create a neat setup. This innovative arm from Ergotron ensures that any chaos created by cables will be kept out of sight for good!

Full Range of Motion

Full Range of Motion for Monitor Arm

The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor. Arm ensures optimal viewing angles for both work and entertainment purposes, through its range of motion - made possible by the brand’s patented Constant ForceTM Technology. This monitor arm can be quickly adjusted to reach the most suitable position for users’ monitors.

Lift and Tilt

Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor. Arm is an ideal solution to help customize your monitor view for a more comfortable posture. Attached to the desk clamp, this arm allows up to 11.5 inches of lift and its robust tilt pivot attachment makes it possible to adjust your monitor’s angle forward or backward as required by you. The Ergotron HX has been specifically designed keeping in mind ergonomics so that no strain is put on while operating the device at any given time.

Pan and Rotate

The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm with HD Pivot offers complete maneuverability, allowing for 180° pan and 360° rotation motions that can be adjusted easily to guarantee a comfortable working atmosphere. This superior engineering of the arm provides enhanced ergonomics and improved productivity by facilitating access to all angles when using your monitor.

Compatibility and Capacity

The Ergotron HX Desk Monitor. Arm is specifically designed to support a vast array of monitor sizes and it complies with VESA MIS-D/E/F, ensuring that compatibility between this arm and most monitors on the market. No matter if you have an ultrawide gaming or large professional display, this great ergonomic solution will meet your needs.

Maximum Screen Size Support

The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm with HD pivot is the perfect choice for users who need a mounting solution to support their ultra wide curved displays, such as the Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor. With its capability of holding screens up to 49 inches in size and handy features like adjustable viewing angles and cable management system, it ensures that you have an ergonomic workspace while taking advantage of maximum screen real estate thanks to additional aid from the sturdy HX arm. Installing this ultrawide monitor mount is also quick and easy!

VESA Compliance

VESA Compliance of Monitor Arm

Ergotron HX desk’s ultra wide monitor. Arm is the perfect choice for both gamers and office professionals, as it adheres to VESA MIS-D/E/F mounting standards and offers an effortless installation process. This secure connection guarantees a stable hold onto your monitor at all times.

Durability and Warranty

Ergotron’s HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor is an ultra-wide monitor. Arm is designed to last, offering a ten-year warranty and customer support. This reliable product provides peace of mind for those in need of systems furniture storage shelves or other monitor applications. Ergotron’s dedication to quality and consumer satisfaction guarantee that the investment you make with your purchase will be secure and cared for during its lifetime.

Longevity Assurance

Ergotron stands by the quality and longevity of their HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm, so much that they are willing to provide a 10-year warranty on it. This guarantees your satisfaction with this product’s strength and dependability in lasting for long periods of time.

Service and Support

At Ergotron, they are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service and support for their products in order to ensure a satisfying experience. Their team of dedicated professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality level of assistance available whenever issues or concerns arise. Customers can rely on top-notch help from Ergotron at all times!

Enhancing Your Gaming and Work Experience

The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor. Arm has been designed to meet the needs of multiple users, providing an exceptional and comfortable experience whether for gamers in search of a comprehensive gaming environment or office professionals seeking optimum ergonomics at their workspace. This monitor arm offers advanced features making it versatile enough to fulfill various user requirements.

For the Gamers

The Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor, with its ultrawide screen size, provides gamers an immersive experience and this monitor arm gives them the ability to enjoy it comfortably. Its sturdy build ensures that there is no shaking or jolting during those intense gameplays due to its rock-solid stability.

For the Office Professionals

For office professionals, the Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm features an extension desk clamp to easily attach securely to your workspace for increased stability. The adjustable monitor arm can be adjusted at various angles and heights so you can find a comfortable working view while its grommet mount compatibility is able to accommodate desks of all thicknesses thanks secure thick grommet mounts attachment.

Accessorizing Your Monitor Arm

Accessorizing Options for Monitor Arm

The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor. Arm provides more flexibility and customizability for gaming and workstation setups. With extra attachments such as a triple monitor bow kit, this arm allows individuals to tailor their desk space according to their exact specifications. By upgrading with the right mount solutions, users will be able to optimize the usage of an ultrawide monitor for better productivity or entertainment purposes.

Triple Monitor Bow Kit

The Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm with the Triple Monitor Bow Kit provides an ergonomic setup, allowing you to mount three monitors on a single arm for optimum desk space and multi-monitor viewing. This combination is designed specifically to give users the best experience possible while maximizing available desk space.

Additional Mounting Solutions

Ergotron provides extra mounting solutions for various workspace needs, including the HX Heavy-Duty Tilt Pivot accessory (98-540-216) and its accompanying hardware arm on an HX Desk Arm. These options offer improved versatility and adjustment to make sure your particular workplace needs are properly accommodated.


The Ergotron HX Desk Monitor. Arm is the perfect solution for streamlining your gaming or work station. This ultra-wide monitor arm offers a straightforward installation process, full range of motion control, VESA compliance and an impressive 10 year warranty, making it an ideal purchase to maximize productivity while creating a comfortable workspace. Investing in this versatile product will ensure that you make the most out of your desk setup!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my desk support a monitor arm?

Most commercial grade office furniture desktops between 12-24 mm thickness will support a monitor arm with a clamp or grommet hole adapter, although the clamp jaws usually need to open up to at least 50 mm width.

If your desk is thicker than 50 mm, you may have to consider an alternate mount.

Is Ergotron HX worth it?

The Ergotron HX Dual Monitor. Arm is known for its quick and simple installation process, which takes no more than 20 minutes. Its unparalleled quality ensures good weight balance as it’s the only mount to provide this feature.

On top of that, there are many advantages offered by purchasing such an arm, namely a reliable US presence and robust warranty guarantee making any investment worth the cost in obtaining monitor mounting comfortability with easy cable management solutions!

Is My monitor compatible with a monitor arm?

Generally speaking, yes, your computer monitor is likely to be compatible with a monitor arm. Most monitors come equipped with the standard VESA hole pattern of 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm for attaching to a monitor arm. Be sure to check the monitor arm’s max supported weight as well.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm?

The Ergotron HX Desk Monitor Arm, with an ultrawide monitor, can support up to 42 pounds of weight.

Does the Ergotron HX Desk Ultrawide Monitor Arm meet VESA compliance?

The Ergotron HX Desk Monitor. Arm for ultrawide monitors is compliant with VESA mounting interface standards, adhering to them completely.

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