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APC Replacement Battery Portfolio and the Importance of Genuine Purchases

APC Replacement Battery Portfolio and the Importance of Genuine Purchases

With technology evolving by the day, the need for constant and uninterrupted power supply is getting more important by day for both home and business owners. For users who seek to protect their electronic appliances and mission critical equipment from unexpected power fluctuations, APC or American Power Conversion (APC), is a leading power protection solutions brand that offers a wide range of power protection products. APC’s Replacement Battery Portfolio is an integral part of their power protection solutions that enhances the reliability and extends the life of uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Here is a brief overview of the APC Replacement Battery Portfolio and why you should only buy authentic APC products in Singapore to ensure optimal performance, reliability and safety for your home and business applications.

With the increasing dependence of the world around us, power outage even for just a few seconds can spell disaster, whether it is loss of crucial data to monetary losses. The solution to this critical issue is uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that acts as a power buffer against power blackout, surges and other power irregularities for critical applications. UPS solutions from leading global manufacturer of power protection products and solutions, American Power Conversion (APC), is the industry leader.

What is an APC Replacement Battery Portfolio?

The most critical component of a UPS is the battery as it powers the entire system and ensures uninterrupted operation during power failures. APC Replacement Battery Portfolio includes a variety of authentic batteries that are specifically built to fit their respective UPS model. The replacement batteries are tailored to meet APC’s stringent standards for optimal performance.

Why should you buy authentic APC Replacement Batteries?

With the growing popularity of backup battery power supplies, many a aftermarket or third-party replacement batteries have emerged offering the same performance at a much lower price. But, here are why you should only consider authentic APC replacement batteries when in Singapore:

  1. Assured Performance:
    Authentic APC replacement batteries are put through a series of tests to ensure they meet the strict quality standards of the manufacturer. They are also closely monitored for their performance and are required to achieve the specified runtime and offer dependable power supply during critical times. Use of authentic batteries ensures the UPS performs at its fullest capacity to protect your precious equipment and data during power failure.

  2. Safety is Paramount:
    Electricity is one entity that you cannot take lightly, hence when it comes to protection of people and equipment, safety should be the first priority. Authentic APC replacement batteries are built specifically to suite the needs of the UPS system, hence ensure proper and seamless fitting. Aftermarket batteries may not offer the same level of safety and protection or may cause malfunction of the UPS system depending on the build.

  3. Battery Lifespan:
    Since APC manufactures their replacement batteries using quality tested raw materials and superior components, they are naturally more dependable and stable. Aftermarket batteries may cause abrupt and unexpected battery failure thus shortening the overall lifespan of the UPS system. Buying authentic batteries will save you from incurring unnecessary maintenance and replacement costs from time to time.

  4. Warranty and Support:
    When you buy authentic APC replacement batteries in Singapore, you automatically gain the benefit of the manufacturer’s acclaimed warranty and support services. So, if you face any problem with the battery or have queries regarding the product, you can just rely on the manufacturer’s expertise and customer care services to get the issue resolved from their end thus ensuring you get the maximum life for your UPS system.

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