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Ultimate Comparison Between Logitech Tap vs Logitech Tap IP vs Logitech Tap Scheduler: Which Reigns Supreme?

Posted by Wei Fei on

Deciding on the right conference room tech can be confusing. This direct “comparison between Logitech Tap vs Logitech Tap IP vs Logitech Tap Scheduler” cuts through the confusion, clearly outlining the essential differences to consider for your setup. We’ll compare key features, connectivity, and design, empowering you to choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • The Logitech Tap series includes the Tap for direct USB connectivity, the Tap IP for network-based room solutions with PoE, and the Tap Scheduler for managing room bookings across various platforms.

  • The Tap IP stands out for its single-cable installation, cost savings over the original Tap, and environmental commitment with 56% post-consumer recycled plastic and carbon-neutral certification.

  • All devices in the series support seamless integration with major video conferencing services and are designed for ease of deployment and management, complemented by the Select Service Plan for business continuity.

Comparing Logitech Tap, Tap IP, and Tap Scheduler: Key Features and Differences

Comparison between Logitech Tap vs Logitech Tap IP vs Logitech Tap Scheduler

Dive into the world of Logitech Tap, Tap IP, and Tap Scheduler, each designed to revolutionize your meeting room experience with the integration of a network connected touch controller.

  • Logitech Tap: This intuitive touch controller features a discrete design, motion sensor, and 10.1” display, offering an immersive meeting experience.

  • Tap IP: Similar to Logitech Tap, Tap IP also features a discrete design, motion sensor, and 10.1” display. However, it differs in connectivity and power options.

  • Tap Scheduler: This device manages meeting room bookings with commendable ease.

Explore these innovative room solutions integrate to enhance your meeting room setup, including the popular roommate zoom rooms.

But what about the Tap Scheduler? This dedicated panel is your go-to assistant for room booking management. It’s the perfect solution for those who value organization and convenience.

Logitech Tap

The Logitech Tap is more than just a touch controller; it’s a key player in successful meetings. Here are some features of the Logitech Tap:

  • Join meetings and integrate your calendar with Google Meet or Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows with just one touch

  • Easy to use touch interface

  • High-quality audio and video capabilities

  • Compatible with a wide range of conferencing platforms

  • Sleek and modern design

That’s what Logitech Tap brings to your table, quite literally.

It’s designed for compatibility with a plethora of leading video conferencing services, making your meetings easy and effective.

Logitech Tap IP

Enter the Logitech Tap IP, a device designed to transform collaboration spaces. Imagine a device that provides a seamless meeting experience with a single cable design, built-in strain relief, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) for convenient installation and operation. Certified for Microsoft Teams Room over Android and Zoom Room, the Tap IP optimizes network-connected room solutions like no other.

With its sleek design and 10.1-inch display, it’s always ready for action thanks to its built-in motion sensor.

Logitech Tap Scheduler

Let’s turn our attention to the Logitech Tap Scheduler, a dedicated panel for managing meeting room bookings. With red/green LED lights indicating room availability and a distinct non-angled base, this device stands apart from its Tap siblings. It’s compatible with a range of booking platforms, including:

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Zoom Rooms

  • Meetio

  • Robin

This versatile addition to any workspace, the rally bar mini, offers just the right presence for onsite and remote workers, making it a perfect fit for various environments with a tidy and professional install.

Connectivity Options: USB vs Network-Based

When it comes to connectivity, the Logitech Tap and Tap IP have different strengths. The Tap provides a straightforward setup requiring a physical USB connection to a Logitech-bundled PC and a separate power supply. An advantage of the Tap is its capability to directly share HDMI content, which is not available on the Tap IP without additional hardware.

On the other hand, the Tap IP shines with its:

  • Single Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable that simplifies installation and contributes to a cleaner meeting room setup, especially when connecting Zoom Room PCs wirelessly

  • Network connectivity, which is especially advantageous for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms with appliances like Logitech Rally Bar

  • Cost benefits over the original Tap, saving approximately $300.

Design and Mounting Options

The Logitech Tap, Tap IP, and Tap Scheduler devices are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. With sleek, low-profile designs and 10.1” displays, these devices maintain a discrete presence in meeting rooms. What sets the Tap Scheduler apart is its red/green LED lights that indicate room availability and a distinct non-angled base.

When it comes to mounting options, Logitech Tap devices are versatile. They can be mounted using Table and Riser Mounts, Wall Mounts, and feature a PC Mount to secure a small form factor PC or a Google Meet compute system. Installations are engineered to maintain a clean and secure setup, with careful cable routing and connection management.

The Tap IP also offers versatile Table and Riser Mounts, as well as a Wall Mount, catering to different room configurations and space constraints.

Integration with Video Conferencing Services

How do Logitech Tap devices integrate with popular video conferencing services? Seamlessly, that’s how. Whether you’re using Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet, these devices ensure consistent user experience across rooms.

For Microsoft Teams users, Logitech Tap offers a one-touch joining experience, easy content sharing, and integration with both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, contributing to a streamlined and efficient meeting environment. If you’re a Zoom user, you’ll appreciate the instant meeting starts through one-touch join and a choice of content sharing methods, both wired and wireless, ensuring flexibility for different user preferences. Google Meet users will find the meeting process simplified with the one-touch join capability and center of room control.

Ease of Deployment and Management

Deploying and managing Logitech Tap devices is a breeze, thanks to Logitech Sync. This platform allows for streamlined device management, monitoring both the Tap and Tap IP, along with other meeting room devices. Premium functionality proactively addresses issues before they affect business operations, emphasized by the advanced services offered in the Select service plan.

The Tap IP, in particular, stands out with its simplified deployment via a single Power over Ethernet cable, complementing its remote management capabilities.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Logitech isn’t just about creating innovative devices; they’re also committed to creating a more sustainable world. Their efforts are focused on:

  • reducing their environmental impact

  • speeding up social progress They are working towards both goals simultaneously. They aim to:

  • decrease their Scope 3 emissions

  • become carbon neutral by 2030 through their Design for Sustainability (DfS) approach.

The Tap IP, for instance, includes 56% certified post-consumer recycled plastic in its graphite version. Logitech is implementing the use of next-life plastics, including post-consumer recycled materials, in the manufacturing of its video-collaboration devices like Tap IP to lower the carbon impact of each product. The Tap IP has received certification as carbon neutral, demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability. This designation reflects the company’s effort to reduce its ecological footprint.

Select Service Plan: Ensuring Business Continuity

The Select Service Plan offers the following benefits for Logitech Tap, Tap IP, and Tap Scheduler:

  • Expert assistance: Provides a response within one hour, ensuring minimal downtime and disruptions.

  • Fast product replacements: Ensures quick replacement of faulty products.

  • Premium Sync functionalities: Offers advanced synchronization features.

For businesses partnering with the Select Service Plan, the benefits are manifold, including reduced daily management and optimized performance. The benefits of the Select Service Plan apply across diverse room sizes and deployments, proving its versatility and value.

Making the Right Choice: Which Device Suits Your Needs?

Choosing the right Logitech Tap device depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize one-touch join for meetings, network connectivity, or scheduling functions outside the rooms, there’s a device for you. Preferences for direct USB connectivity or network-based room solutions impact the choice between Logitech Tap and Tap IP.

The Tap is a reliable USB-based solution for rooms needing a cabled connection to a meeting room computer, while the Tap IP is ideal for network-connected room solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and Zoom Rooms. If interoperability with multiple platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom is required, the Tap Scheduler is your device.

For large deployments, place Tap IP conveniently with its support for remote management using Logitech Sync, making it more manageable. And if you’re environmentally conscious, the Logitech Tap IP, built with recycled materials and carbon-neutral certified, is the perfect choice.


To summarize, the Logitech Tap, Tap IP, and Tap Scheduler are not just devices; they’re solutions designed to elevate your meeting room experience. With their unique features and benefits, they cater to various meeting room requirements, offering one-touch join for meetings, network connectivity, and managing meeting room bookings.

So, whether you’re looking for direct USB connectivity, network-based room solutions, or a device to manage your meeting room bookings, there’s a Logitech Tap device for you. Make the right choice today and revolutionize your meeting room experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Logitech Tap IP?

Logitech Tap IP is a purpose-built touch controller that provides a consistent and seamless user experience across video conferencing deployments, featuring a 10.1" display and a sleek, low profile design.

What are the key features of Logitech Tap?

The key features of Logitech Tap include one-touch meeting join, calendar integration for Google Meet or Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, and compatibility with various video conferencing services. This makes it convenient and versatile for different meeting needs.

How does Logitech Tap IP differ from Logitech Tap?

Logitech Tap IP differs from Logitech Tap by being network-based and offering a seamless meeting experience through a single cable design with built-in strain relief and Power over Ethernet (PoE). This allows for easier setup and connectivity.

What is the purpose of the Logitech Tap Scheduler?

The Logitech Tap Scheduler is designed to manage meeting room bookings and availability, integrating with various booking platforms.

How easy is it to deploy and manage Logitech Tap devices?

Deploying and managing Logitech Tap devices is straightforward and efficient with Logitech Sync, providing streamlined device management.

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