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Jabra Evolve2 30 UC Stereo Office Headset USB-C (23089-989-879)

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Jabra Evolve2 30 UC Stereo Office Headset USB-A (23089-989-979) - 2 Years Local Warranty

Whether you're working in the office or from home, the Jabra Evolve2 30 Wires Mono Headset can help you connect, collaborate, and communicate clearly and effectively. From noisy co-workers or neighbors, external sounds can bleed into important conversations and meetings, making it frustrating for listeners to hear you and for you to get your point across. This is why Jabra provides two microphones inside the boom, one focused on picking up your voice, and one that picks up and cancels ambient noise.

Your comfort and listening experience is also essential as you could be wearing the Evolve2 30 headset for extended periods throughout the day. With a 28mm speaker, this mono version of the Evolve2 30 headset is engineered to provide exceptional audio quality. The mono design also gives you the ability to be aware of your surroundings, and communicate quickly with others without having to take off the headset. An ergonomic headband, angled earcups, and memory foam help to keep the Evolve2 30 feeling light and comfortable.

The Jabra Evolve2 30 headset is compatible with a host of UC clients from leading companies, such as Cisco, Mitel, Avaya, and more. If your preferred platform is Microsoft Teams, then this Teams-optimized version of the Evolve2 30 can offer you useful

Additional Features:
Microsoft Teams is automatically selected as the default audio device
Dedicated Microsoft Teams button for opening various Teams menus or answering incoming Teams calls Built-in LED that flashes specific colors for Teams-related scenarios, such as a Teams meeting that's ready to join
Integrated voice prompt when wearing the headset

Comfortable & Durable Construction
Jabra crafted the Evolve2 30 headset to maximize comfort and long-term durability. The headset uses impact-resistant materials, while the headband and slider are made from sturdy stainless steel, and the ergonomic shape of the headband works to evenly distribute pressure. To achieve this, Jabra measured hundreds of heads and used those biometric measurements in the Evolve2 30's construction. For added comfort, the angled earcup provides a memory foam earpad that molds to the contours of your ear.

Jabra Direct
This software provides you with a Direct Dashboard to help you easily configure and maintain your headset. It gives you access to periodic firmware upgrades, bug fixes, and additional features.

Busy Light
An integrated LED busy light automatically turns on when you're on a call, letting others know to not disturb you. You can also turn the light on manually when you just want to be left alone with your work.

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