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Streamline Your Security: A Step-by-Step Guide to Fortinet FortiGate Firewall License Subscription Renewal

Posted by Wei Fei on

Maintaining a high level of protection for your organization in this digital age is critical and the Fortinet Firewall offers robust security solutions to do just that. Renewing your license subscription regularly. It is also essential to ensure optimal levels of defense are kept up-to-date against cyber threats. This guide will outline different licensing options available through Fortinet as well as explain why renewing one’s firewall subscription makes sense plus how it can be done. By the conclusion, you should have all necessary information needed in order secure maximum safety online for yourself or company.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand Fortinet FortiGate licensing options and the importance of renewing your license for optimal cybersecurity protection.

  • Follow a step-by-step guide to locate firewall’s serial number, select right bundles & subscriptions, complete renewal process and troubleshoot common issues.

  • Maximize return on investment by regularly renewing licenses and leveraging support services from Fortinet experts.

Understanding Fortinet FortiGate Licensing Options

Fortinet FortiGate Firewall

Fortinet FortiGate provides a variety of licenses that can accommodate your organization’s needs, ensuring you get the best security services and support. These license options are divided into two categories: FortiGuard Security Services which focuses on defending against threats. As well as offering technical assistance via its FortiCare Support Services with additional hardware replacement and enhanced service level agreements available.

For an in-depth look at what each type of package has to offer, more details have been provided for both the features and advantages of utilizing either one or combination of fortiguard Security Service & forticare Support Service.

FortiGuard Security Services

FortiGuard Security Services provide a full range of protective solutions which are tailored to the distinct requirements of different types and sizes of organizations. As part of their offerings, FortiGuard provides an array of NGFW Application Control & IPS, as well as Web Filtering, AntiVirus services in one complete Unified Threat Management (UTM) Bundle package intended for small businesses. On the other hand, large-scale firms can choose from all available security packages such as the Enterprise Bundle with its comprehensive features that include but not limited to. Firewall control through application monitoring and prevention systems alongside web filtering capabilities, antivirus defence mechanisms plus IP/Domain Reputation scanning feature. With these diverse yet effective applications integrated together working harmoniously against malicious threats or advanced cyber attacks, regular subscription renewals guarantees active protection.

FortiCare Support Services

For organizations needing technical assistance and hardware replacement, FortiCare Support Services provide a fast turnaround. Depending on the company size, customers may subscribe to either 24x7 or 360 support – both offer excellent service options tailored to different sized businesses.

The 24/7 option guarantees that any arising issues are quickly addressed while 360 goes With audit reports and specialized recommendations based on recurring performance checks of the appliances used within their system.

Once subscribed, clients can expect expert guidance in maintaining peak efficiency as well as minimizing downtime during technical challenges all at an affordable cost which includes necessary replacements for damaged parts should they be needed.

The Importance of Renewing Your Fortinet License

Fortinet License Renewal

It is necessary to renew your Fortinet license in order to protect against various cyber threats and maintain high-level security for the organization. An out of date license can result in a number of adverse effects, such as limited access to features or support from FortiGuard services, increased susceptibility to malware infections and even compliance violations.

Keeping up with the latest updates through regular renewal ensures reliable protection while granting uninterrupted access to applications that are powered by state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures set forth by experienced experts at Fortinet. This helps keep one step ahead when it comes down to identifying potential vulnerabilities within organizational systems promptly and responding appropriately with available resources.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your Fortinet FortiGate Subscription

Fortinet FortiGate Subscription Renewal

To ensure ongoing security, you can easily renew your Fortinet FortiGate subscription by locating the serial number of your firewall, choosing suitable bundles and subscriptions to match them with and completing the renewal process. Following these simple steps will help you keep up a secure environment for all in your organization.

Locating Your Firewall's Serial Number

In order to start the renewal process, you must first find your Fortinet FortiGate firewall’s serial number. It is printed on a silver label usually placed at either rear side, top part or side of the device itself.

Alternatively, this information can be accessed through its interface by selecting ‘Asset’ from menu bar followed by clicking ‘Manage/View Products’ and then sorting out according to serial numbers as needed.

Selecting the Right Bundles and Subscriptions

Once you have the serial number for your firewall, it’s time to select which FortiGuard and FortiCare bundles are best suited for your organization. As mentioned before, with the FortiGuard Security Services users get access to an array of different security features such as NGFW Application Control, IPS Protection from malicious websites (Web Filtering), Antivirus defenses and more. To this, FortiCare Support Services offers various levels of technical assistance plus options when dealing with hardware replacement needs.

For those smaller businesses out there looking into these services, we recommend grabbing up a copy of both The UTM Bundle by Fortiguard alongside 24/7 monitoring (Forticare). For larger firms contemplating taking on such a service plan – We highly recommend opting in their enterprise bundle along with 360 support provided through forticare solutions. Prioritize what type of subscription is most suitable based off factors like size, necessities regarding security & hardware replacements. Being sure that all pieces fit together coherently in accordance with one another’s requirements!

Completing the Renewal Process

For a successful renewal process, make sure that you have chosen the suitable bundles and subscriptions. Take into account all of the outlined Terms & Conditions before proceeding to complete your renewal procedure - these are what must be adhered to for Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall license. Be aware of any important points included in this agreement so as not to encounter any issues throughout its duration.

Once you have entered and verified valid billing information such as credit card details and address associated with it, then your renewal will be finished! Your organization can thus continue having access to great security services by utilizing their cutting-edge technology provided through Fortinet’s reliable Firewall solutions going forward.

Troubleshooting Common Renewal Issues

If you’re having difficulties with the renewal process, there are steps to troubleshoot these issues. First and foremost, confirm that your billing information is current and accurate. This may be causing a payment processing issue if incorrect details have been entered. Ensure the credit card info, contact details, and address of billing are all up-to-date, including verifying date & expiration on one’s card too.

For Help during renewal procedures, reach out to Fortinet Customer Service – they offer around-the-clock assistance such as support via their 24x7 Technical Support team or even through FortiCare for queries concerning renewals in order to get back enjoying security features provided by fortinetFortiGate quickly!

Tips for Maximizing Your Fortinet FortiGate Firewall Investment

To gain the full benefit of your Fortinet FortiGate firewall, a proactive approach to renewing subscriptions and utilizing support services is essential. This includes selecting appropriate bundles from both the FortiGuard and FortiCare packages that will effectively meet your organization’s needs. Keeping these licenses up-to-date helps ensure continual access to latest updates, patches, and security features – vital for maintaining adequate protection against cyber threats. By regularly renewing their subscription through Fortiguard renewal services, they can take advantage of current tools needed in this constantly evolving landscape.

It’s important to avail of an additional level of expertise with comprehensive technical assistance provided by the professional experts at Financial Care Support Services who are there ready to quickly address any issues as soon as possible thus maximizing return on investment while safeguarding cybersecurity moving forward.


To recap, when it comes to keeping your organization’s digital assets safe and secure, having an up-to-date Fortinet FortiGate firewall license subscription is essential. It’s important to recognize the various types of licenses available and understand why renewal is so vital in order for you to properly take advantage of all the security measures and assistance services provided by this application.

Don’t let a lapsed license put your business at risk—be proactive about maintaining current with your fortification solutions so that no cyber threats will harm its safety or performance in today’s digitally oriented world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my FortiGate subscription?

Log into your Fortinet Customer Service & Support account and navigate to the Register/Renew area. Once there, select Online Renew and choose one or more units that you would like to renew from the list provided. Before finalizing, review your selected items along with its support package then accept the Fortinet Product Registration Agreement terms afterwards.

What happens if FortiGate firewall license expires?

It is essential to stay up-to-date with Fortinet’s security solutions and seek advice from specialists. When the license of a FortiGate firewall runs out, antivirus scanning will still be enabled, but there won’t be any new virus signatures added or updates downloaded for its database. Web filtering based on categories as well as DNS checks are no longer provided once this happens too.

Does FortiGate require subscription?

In order to access FortiGate’s signature database and utilize the services, support updates, and other benefits it offers, a valid subscription is necessary. Without an appropriate subscription in place, certain features may be unavailable.

For pricing information or subscriptions inquiries you can visit the Fortinet Support site or contact their partners/resellers for more details on this topic.

What are the main differences between FortiGuard Security Services and FortiCare Support Services?

FortiGuard Security Services offer a range of protections such as Application Control, IPS, Web Filtering and AntiVirus. The support services available through FortiCare include technical assistance, hardware replacements and enhanced service level agreements for those seeking extra cover on their services or support.

How do I find my Fortinet FortiGate firewall's serial number?

In order to discover the serial number of your Fortinet FortiGate firewall, access it through its interface by navigating to ‘Manage/View Products’ in the Asset section or find the silver label on the physical device.

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