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New Hacking Methodology via USB Charging Cable

Posted by Wei Fei on

New Hacking Methodology via USB Charging Cable 

Many of us know that cyber threats evolved. Often, hacking techniques tend to be one step ahead of protection mechanisms. 

USB Cables | SourceIT Singapore

The innocent-looking USB charging cable is one such latest tool which many users, like you and I, may fall prey. 

To be sure, USB charging cable hack is not exactly new.  

It surfaced sometime around 2018. But has been gaining popularity in the hacker’s community and for overt spying. 

Also, remember the ubiquitous USB storage stick that many of us still rely on today 

Malicious payload can be delivered through this medium and has been around for decades. 

Relative speaking, USB charging cable hack is thus considered new to the various mature hacking tools out there. 

The next question many users tend to ask is, how is this possible? 

The quick answer to this is, computer chip is embedded into the cables, which enables hackers to carry out malicious intent. 

USB Cables | SourceIT Singapore

It is also important to emphasise, however, that it is not uncommon that computer chips are present in these pigtails. 

There are practical uses for such technology, such as synching of devices and data transfer. 

But unfortunately, many layman users cannot tell which is the real McCoy. 

The best way to protect yourselves is to use original cable which comes with the devices you bought. 

If you need to buy additional ones, buy from the device original manufacturer as the first choice. 

The next best option is to shop for your consumer electronics from authorised partners, reputable aftermarket or 3rd party OEM manufacturers

 USB Cables | SourceIT Singapore

There are times when we are caught in an emergency without our charging cables, and in need for a quick juice-up to our device’s batteries.  

And we borrow from friends or people we meet at the workplace.  

You should be mindful of borrowing charging cables in this context. 

Malicious Payload | SourceIT | Singapore

Another possible scenario is in rigged charging stations. Those we see in public places which offer users a quick battery juice-up.  

Computer chips can be embedded into these charging stations even if you use your own cable. 

Charging Station | SourceIT | Singapore

Photo courtesy of NYPost 

Charging Station | SourceIT | Singapore

Photo courtesy of LaughingSquid 

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