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Comparison of APC UPS for Home, Home Office, and Small Business

Posted by Wei Fei on

Comparison of APC UPS for Home, Home Office, and Small Business
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are essential for ensuring uninterrupted power to homes, home offices, and small businesses. APC (American Power Conversion), a renowned name in power protection solutions, offers a diverse UPS portfolio designed to cater to the specific needs of these environments. In this comprehensive blog, we will compare APC's UPS offerings for home, home office, and small business applications, focusing on the Smart-UPS, Back-UPS, Back-UPS Pro, and Easy UPS models. By exploring their features, capacities, and suitability, we aim to help you make an informed decision when selecting the ideal APC UPS for your power backup requirements.

Smart-UPS Series


APC Smart-UPS, Line Interactive, 1500VA, Tower, 230V (SMT1500I)


The Smart-UPS series from APC is a versatile UPS solution designed for home offices and small businesses. It offers reliable power protection, battery backup, and voltage regulation for critical equipment. Available in various models with different power capacities, the Smart-UPS series provides advanced features such as automatic voltage regulation (AVR), remote management capabilities, and intuitive LCD interfaces. With their robust design and scalability, these UPS systems are well-suited for powering servers, networking devices, and workstations in small business environments.

Back-UPS Series

APC Back-UPS 625VA, 230V, AVR, Floor, Universal Sockets (BX625CI-MS)
The Back-UPS series by APC is specifically designed for homes, home offices, and small businesses that require basic power protection and battery backup. These UPS systems offer surge protection, battery backup, and voltage regulation for connected devices. With different models available, the Back-UPS series caters to various power capacity needs. These compact UPS units are user-friendly, cost-effective, and ideal for providing power backup to individual workstations, home networking equipment, and small office setups.

Back-UPS Pro Series


APC Back-UPS Pro, 1500VA/865W, Tower, 230V, 10x IEC C13 outlets, AVR, LCD (BR1500GI)


The Back-UPS Pro series is an advanced UPS solution designed for home offices and small businesses that require extended runtime and enhanced power protection. These UPS systems provide surge protection, battery backup, and voltage regulation for critical devices. The Back-UPS Pro series offers additional features such as increased power capacity, extended runtime options, and more outlets compared to the standard Back-UPS series. These UPS units are well-suited for supporting multiple devices, including computers, servers, networking equipment, and peripherals.

Easy UPS Series

APC Easy UPS BVX 1200VA, 230V, AVR, Universal Sockets (BVX1200LI-MS)

The Easy UPS series by APC is designed to provide reliable and efficient power protection for small businesses and home offices. These UPS systems offer simplified installation and operation, making them user-friendly and suitable for non-technical users. The Easy UPS series is available in different power capacity options, providing scalability for growing power demands. With features such as automatic voltage regulation (AVR), hot-swappable batteries, and network management capabilities, the Easy UPS series offers cost-effective power backup for critical equipment.

Considerations for Home, Home Office, and Small Business

When choosing an APC UPS for home, home office, or small business, several factors should be considered:

1) Power Capacity: Assess the power requirements of your equipment to ensure the UPS can provide sufficient backup power. Consider the number of devices, their power consumption, and any future expansion plans.

2) Runtime: Determine the desired runtime during a power outage based on the criticality of your equipment. Assess whether the UPS can sustain the load for the required duration.

3) Ease of Use: Look for UPS systems with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls. Consider features like LCD displays, audible alarms, and simple configuration options.

4) Connectivity Options: Assess the connectivity options provided by the UPS, such as USB, Ethernet, or serial ports. These connections enable seamless integration with computers, servers, and network management systems.

5) Form Factor: Consider the physical space available for the UPS. Choose a UPS with a form factor that fits your specific environment, whether it's a desk, rack-mount, or wall-mount configuration.

6) Budget: Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the UPS solution, considering the initial investment, ongoing maintenance, and total cost of ownership.

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