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EPOS Expand Vision 1 Personal Video Conferencing Webcam

EPOS Expand Vision 1 is a premium personal video conferencing webcam, dedicated to elevate virtual communication and collaboration. It is engineered by EPOS, the premium brand by B&Ws former engineers for audio and video solutions. The Expand Vision 1 is a sophisticated webcam, featuring a 4K ultra-wide-angle lens, providing sharp and crisp video quality with an extensive field of view. Ideal to capture multiple people in a room or to create dynamic presentations. The webcam also boasts with an advanced AI-powered auto framing technology. It automatically shifts the framing, keeping the user always in the center and in focus during the video call. This creates always a professional and refined look, which adds to the overall polished video conferencing experience.

The Expand Vision 1 is optimised for common video conferencing platforms and works for both PC and Mac devices with seamless plug and play operation. With its slim and handy design, the EPOS Expand Vision 1 is a perfect fit for professionals, who seek premium quality video conferencing solutions, which offer exquisite clarity, comfort and flexibility in their virtual communication.