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Tackle Your Pain Points with Simple Ergonomics

Posted by Wei Fei on

Tackle Your Pain Points with Simple Ergonomics: Creating an Ergonomic Workstation

Many are familiar with the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Its accuracy still baffles many of us today. But no one can deny its longevity given to this evergreen aphorism. 

As professionals, we are confronted with workplace designs and issues which correlate to employees’ wellbeing.  

Wellness in workers has come to the front and centre in many societies. 

In Singapore, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) indicates in their WOW frameworks with key areas to guide organisations and employees to better take care of ourselves. 

General Workspace Health Programme | Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Ergonomics is one of the focal points in HPB’s advisory. And Musculoskeletal Diseases or MSD may be posited to fast becoming a top health concern in Singapore. 

What Does MSD Mean? 

World Health Organisation defines it as, “MSD comprising more than 150 conditions that affect the locomotor systems of individuals”. While this can be difficult to explain and taken in by laymen, the simplest explanation for MSD is Pain!  

Some of these pains can be acute and sudden, like a sprain to the ankle.  

Some developed into a lifetime condition such as spine, back and neck pain and hinders the overall level of functioning.  

An example is in humans’ postural factor.  

Do we slouch when we sit or stand at work? Do we tilt our head too far downward when working in front of a computer? Do we crane our neck too much? 

Most Postural Factors which Lead to Pain are Chronic.

Some may even be a harbinger to more sinister health conditions. 

There are ways to remediate and bring back optimal level of wellness in how we move ourselves at work and even at play.  

For example, ergonomically designed workspaces have been a boon to organisations large and small. 

The Monitor Arm, which holds computer screens and TV displays, provides users upward and downward shifts allowing professionals to alternate between sitting and standing in front of their computers. 

A simple act of the head in a neutral position looking into screens can go a long way in pain prevention but often overlooked by many. 

In the diagram below by health  experts, tilting of the head at varying degrees corresponds to different intensity of stress building up in the neck. 

Text neck: how smartphones are damaging our spines | SourceIT

This does not just apply to our daily usage of smartphones but extend to the usage of desktop computers and notebooks too. 

Monitor arms and Ergonomic Worktables would come in handy in these situations. 

Those which hold more than one screen also aide employees when they are required to observe multiple devices and greatly contributes to reduce the range of vertical and lateral movements. 

Hydraulic Work Desk Electric Height Adjustable Lift System

Hydraulic Work Desk Electric Height Adjustable Lift System | SourceIT

Hydraulic work desk is another wellness centric equipment for users to alternate between sitting and standing working in front of the computers. 

There are other tactics to help us maintain a better self against MSD related health problems.  

But eating apples is definitely insufficient to keep the doctors away. 

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