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Poly Solutions Guide for Office Workspaces

Posted by Wei Fei on

The Modern Office is Full of Workspaces. Poly has Solutions for Every Workspace and Style

Poly Solutions Guide for Office Workspaces | SourceIT

The modern office is full of workspaces. They come in all shapes and sizes to help today’s workforce be productive both as individuals and as teams. Of course, this often means collaborating online with remote colleagues or customers. Having the right voice, video and content solutions that help everyone see, hear and participate equally is essential to getting work done. Our smart solutions automatically remove distractions and bring focus to whomever is speaking so everyone can engage equally wherever in the world they may be. At Poly, we have solutions for every workspace and style, and we’re not satisfied until no one can remember whether you were on the screen or in the room.

Download: Poly Solutions Guide for Office Workspaces

Poly Studio P15


Poly Studio P15 Video Bar 4K Ultra HD Cam (2200-69370-102) | SourceIT

• The personal video bar that’s the closest thing to being there.

• 4K resolution for sharp, crisp images and automatic framing to always stay centered on camera.

• Pristine clarity and rich sound with a powerful integrated speaker featuring acoustic suspension with a passive radiator.

Poly Studio P21

Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display (2200-87100-102) | SourceIT

•  The personal meeting display where form and function unite.

• A personal meeting display providing a complete video experience with a single USB connection.

• Hear and be heard clearly with integrated stereo speakers and microphone array.

• Look your best with exceptional camera optics and dynamic ambient lighting.

Poly Voyager Focus 2

Poly/Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC/MS Wireless Headset | SourceIT

 Crazy good sound and the best performance around.

• Advanced hybrid ANC with three settings to optimize.

• Callers hear you, not your surroundings, with advanced multiplemicrophone noise canceling in a discreet microphone boom and Acoustic Fence technology.

Poly Blackwire 8225

Poly/Plantronics BLACKWIRE 8225 Series UC Headset | SourceIT

 Stay distraction-free on both sides of the call.

• Flexible, noise-canceling microphone with Acoustic Fence technology.

• Advanced hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) with three settings to optimize.

• Never worry about battery life, just plug in and enjoy all-day comfort and productivity.

Poly Blackwire 5220

Poly/Plantronics BLACKWIRE 5220 Series UC Headset | SourceIT

•  Enhanced compatibility, exceptional comfort.

• Connects to all remote working devices including laptops via USB, and mobile phones and tablets through the 3.5mm connector.

• Never worry about battery life, just plug in and enjoy all-day comfort and productivity.

• A noise canceling microphone prevents nearby noise from interrupting your calls.

Poly Studio Room Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Poly™ Studio USB Video Bar 4K HD Conference (7200-85830-102) | SourceIT


• Small spaces built for big ideas.

• Simple, flexible USB video bar solution designed to work with any collaboration platform.

• Acoustic Fence eliminates distracting noises from surroundings.

• Speaker tracking and advanced video features deliver the best experience for remote participants.

• Centralized management and insights with Poly Lens.

Poly Sync 20

Poly Sync 20/20+ Smart Wireless Conference Speakerphone | SourceIT

 The smarter speakerphone that works wherever you do.

• Remarkable sound with up to 20 hours of battery life for immersive music, multimedia, or meetings.

• Reduces echo and noise so meeting-goers can hear the speaker clearly.

• Slim and portable—so deployment is simple and it can be used anywhere work takes place.

Poly Studio X30

Poly Studio X30 4K Ultra HD Conference (2200-85980-102) | SourceIT

 Simple, flexible experience.

• One-touch dial for simple join across meeting platforms.

• Directional microphone array delivers highest quality audio.

• Speaker tracking and advanced video features deliver the best experience for remote participants.

• Centralized management and insights with Poly Lens.

Poly Sync 40

Poly Sync 40/40+ Smart Wireless Conference Speakerphone | SourceIT

 Flexible workspaces meet premium sound.

• Three-microphone steerable array.

• Bass reflex system with dual passive radiators.

• Built with high-performance, large speaker.

• Full duplex audio.

Poly Studio X50

Poly Studio X50 4K Ultra HD Video (2200-85970-102) | SourceIT

 Built to enable hybrid meetings.

• Run your favorite video app directly, or use Poly Video mode to one-touch dial across meeting platforms.

• Speaker tracking and advanced video features deliver the best experience for remote participants.

• Directional microphone array ensures everyone is heard.

• Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI eliminates the distractions.

Poly Studio E70

Poly Studio E70 Smart Conference Camera (2200-87090-001) | SourceIT

• An intelligently designed camera for smarter hybrid meetings.

• Life-like video with dual cameras each with their own 4K sensor.

• Pinpoint-accurate speaker tracking and professional-quality group framing from Poly DirectorAI.

• Added security with motorized, integrated electronic privacy shutter.

Poly Sync 60

Poly Sync 60 Smart Wireless Conference Speakerphones | SourceIT

 The smart speakerphone that fills conference rooms with big sound and big ideas.

• Six-microphone steerable array.

• Full duplex audio.

• Built with high-performance twin music speakers.

Poly Trio C60

Poly Trio C60 Smart IP Conference Phone (2200-86590-019) | SourceIT

• Smart conference phone for any meeting space.

• Enhance collaboration with Poly signature audio for natural conversations.

• Increase user adoption as the technology in every room is familiar and consistent.

• Start a meeting in seconds with one-touch-join.

Poly Voyager 5200 UC

Poly/Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC BT Headset (206110-101) | SourceIT

 Pocket sized Bluetooth mono headset for workers on the-go.

• Sounds professional in any environment whether connected to a PC or mobile phone.

• Nothing gets in the way of a clear call with WindSmart technology and four omni-directional microphones to reduce distracting background noise.

• All day comfort in a very discreet package.

Poly Voyager 6200

Poly/Plantronics Voyager 6200 Series UC Neckband Headset

• Versatile, flexible and ready for business calls just like you.

• Tune out background noise and stay focused.

• Wear it all day—performance meets comfort.

• Connect to all your devices with one headset.

If you need communication tools to support your work style, reach out to our Headset Experts at (65) 6978 3502 / 6978 3505 or Chat us now!

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