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Enhance Your Conference Calls with the Top Poly Sync USB Bluetooth Smart Speakerphones

Posted by Wei Fei on

Say goodbye to your audio struggles during conference calls - the Poly Sync USB Bluetooth Smart Speakerphones offer exceptional sound quality, perfect for virtual meetings. You can count on seamless integration and remarkable performance from these cutting-edge devices. Make sure you have crystal clear conversations with Bluetooth Smart technology!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the Poly Sync family of USB Bluetooth smart speakerphones for exceptional sound quality and advanced features.

  • Enjoy full duplex audio, echo noise reduction, extended battery life & remote device management with Poly Sync devices.

  • Certified for Microsoft Teams versions & Zoom certified to ensure easy connectivity across devices and platforms.

Discover the Poly Sync Family,

Various Poly Sync family smart speakerphones

The Poly Sync collection provides three distinct models for various workspace necessities: the Poly Sync 20, 40 and 60. Each model offers its own unique features to meet particular needs, from a personal speakerphone up to powerful audio solutions for larger rooms. The entire family of devices provide superior sound quality so that you can rely on clear communication without any interference. Whether it’s at home or in large venues, let the Poly Sync make your voice heard!

The Versatile Poly Sync 20

The Poly Sync 20 USB Bluetooth Smart Speakerphone is the perfect solution for remarkable conference calls. This compact, sleek device has multimedia quality sound that can also serve as a high-performance music speaker so it’s sure to be loved by audiophiles. The three microphone steerable array ensures clear hearing and speaking during conversations making conference calls simple and enjoyable with this smart speakerphone from Poly Sync.

The Flexible Poly Sync 40

The Poly Sync 40 has been designed for flexible and huddle workspaces, offering touch-sensitive user controls as well as superior audio quality suited to medium conference rooms. With a whopping 30 hour talk time and remote device management available to IT departments, it is the perfect solution if larger meeting spaces are needed with ease of use in mind. Plus, with simplified inventory tracking capabilities due to its remote system control, you can stay on top of updates too! The intuitive features packed into this handy device will be sure to keep any workspace running smoothly, look no More Than the versatile Poly Sync 40 today!

The Powerful Poly Sync 60

Take your virtual meetings to a higher level with the Poly Sync 60, an advanced USB Bluetooth smart speakerphone. It’s designed for conference calls in rooms up to 20 feet by 20 feet, providing clear and evenly distributed audio throughout. The easy setup process includes connecting wirelessly via either USB A or C ports, giving you effortless access to this top-of-the-range bluetooth device. Enjoy stress free conferencing thanks to the power of Poly Sync 60!

Smart Connectivity Options

Smart connectivity options including Microsoft Teams certification

Poly Sync is an ideal option for quickly and easily joining virtual meetings. It has been certified by Microsoft Teams, and comes with the BT600 Bluetooth adapter, which makes it a breeze to pair devices like smartphones or laptops without any difficulty. You can spend less time worrying about connectivity issues and more on what matters most, your meeting!

Certified for Microsoft Teams Versions

The Poly Sync family offers a worry-free conference call experience by eliminating compatibility issues, allowing for quick and easy plug-and-play setup with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Enjoy efficient integration between the two platforms as well as improved control capabilities within the Teams environment. Forget any worries you had about cross system communication. Let yourself benefit from seamless collaboration provided by this certified audio line up of Poly Sync devices.

Hassle-Free Pairing with Included BT600 Bluetooth Adapter

Installing the BT600 Bluetooth adapter to your computer is a breeze, as it’s pre-paired for you. Inserting this USB adapter allows an instantaneous connection to your Poly Sync devices. Just make sure that you use compatible USB c cables for top performance and reliability. With easy setup, using the Poly Sync family of products offers unbeatable communication without having any issues when connecting with laptops or mobile phones. Enjoy effortless conferencing made possible by these exceptional solutions!

Unmatched Audio Performance

Full duplex audio and advanced microphone technology

Enjoy superior sound clarity with Poly Sync devices, offering full duplex audio and echo noise suppression. The three microphone steerable array provides enhanced pickup of the speaker’s voice, Reducing background interference. With its remarkable sonic performance that makes Zoom conferences effortless and pleasurable, one can easily experience an unparalleled level of communication quality during conference calls like never before!

Full Duplex Audio and Echo Noise Reduction

Poly Sync features full duplex audio technology which enables two-way, uninterrupted communication during conference calls. This advanced noise cancellation feature provides an enhanced user experience that is free of any distracting echo effects. With Poly Sync devices you can be sure your voice will be transmitted loud and clear without distraction to focus on the conversations at hand.

Microphone Frequency Response and Steerable Array

The innovative microphone technology incorporated into Poly Sync devices makes sure your virtual meetings and conference calls remain smooth. It provides a wide frequency response as well as an adjustable array which concentrates on the speaker’s voice while eliminating unwanted noise and echo, allowing for crystal clear conversations at all times.

These advanced features make it so you can get the most out of every meeting when utilizing Poly Sync products, without disruption or unnecessary interference due to sound quality issues.

Designed for the Modern Workspace

Portable and durable design of Poly Sync speakerphones

Poly Sync speakerphones are built for the modern office environment. They offer outstanding performance in corporate offices and flexible workspaces, making them perfect companions when conducting conference calls. These devices come with a durable design that ensures long-term use while also featuring an easily accessible touch control system as well as a high visibility light bar for added convenience during meetings. No matter if you’re hosting or attending personal or huddle workspace discussions, Poly Sync has all your communication needs covered!

Portable and Durable Design

The Poly Sync device is lightweight, portable and built with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for extended use on the go. The accompanying carrying case provides additional safety to ensure your valuable electronics are protected when in transit. Plus, there’s no need to worry about tangled cables as it includes both the Poly Sync device USB C cable too! This portability makes changing locations incredibly straightforward - just pack up and you’re ready for work wherever you may be headed next!

High Visibility Light Bar and Touch Controls

Poly Sync devices make conference calls a breeze thanks to their high visibility light bar, providing full 360-degree indication of call status from afar. The easy to use touch controls grant access quickly and seamlessly into the essential functions for easier management like answering/ending calls, muting audio or controlling volume levels. Thus allowing efficient interaction with your speakerphone without hassle during long meetings online!

Extended Features for Enhanced Usability

Poly Sync devices offer a range of advantages for easy use. Through remote device management, you can supervise and update your equipment with ease. Plus, the programmable function button provides users access to customized settings.

Take advantage of these extended features to enhance your conference call experience using Poly Sync products!

Remote Device Management

The Poly Sync devices make remote device management simple and efficient. Through the use of the cloud-based platform, Poly Lens, you can conveniently monitor inventory and control updates to all your connected devices with ease. This streamlines setup and configuration so that you know exactly when each is running at its best – without having to be there in person!

Experience greater convenience through poly sync’s remote device management service, making sure every element of your business runs smoothly as intended.

Programmable Function Button

The Poly Sync family provides an exceptional level of adaptability and personalization with the programmable function button. Quick access can be provided for operations such as playing/pausing music, last-number redialing, or activating a voice assistant, all tailored to your requirements. The button makes using the device much more individualised according to its user’s needs.

With this feature, users are able to reap full advantage from their Poly Sync experience in ways that best suit them specifically!

Power on the Go

Long-lasting lithium-ion batteries for power on the go

Be liberated with Poly Sync devices, providing long-term lithium-ion batteries and multimedia quality sound. Have no concern in finding a power source during virtual meetings. Our products guarantee extended usage enabling you to concentrate on your conversations comfortably. Reap the rewards of portable energy with Poly Sync!

Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity

The lithium-ion battery capacity of Poly Sync devices makes sure your conference calls are always powered, offering up to 20 hours on the model 20 and a generous 30 hours for its 40 variant. With that kind of power, you can rest assured that those important meetings won’t be cut short due to lack of juice.

Multimedia Quality Sound

Poly Sync is an innovative product that can revolutionize the sound quality of virtual meetings. With this remarkable device, conference calls are transformed into immersive multimedia experiences with superior audio technology and crystal clear sound. Enjoy a truly enhanced experience listening to music or watching videos – all thanks to Poly Sync’s richly detailed and powerful multimedia-level acoustics! Recognise how your virtual gatherings have been boosted by top-quality sound delivered via these devices from Poly Sync.

Compatibility and Integration

Poly Sync speakerphones are designed for easy integration with a number of popular platforms, giving users an effortless conference call experience. Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified devices ensure seamless collaboration without any compatibility issues. Poly Sync makes it easier than ever to stay connected through your business calls, no need to worry about technical headaches or glitches! With these trusted solutions in place, you can enjoy the ultimate peace-of-mind that comes from reliable audio quality, day after day. Plus, focus on what’s important: connecting with clients and colleagues around the world quickly and securely. Let Polymerize. Sync takes care of all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Easy Connectivity Across Devices

Enjoy a hassle-free way to link up all your devices, from mobile phones and tablets to computers via Poly Sync. This bluetooth poly sync device gives you two options (USB or Bluetooth connectivity) so that you can easily make it part of any setup without having to worry about compatibility issues. Enjoy the convenience these features provide while upgrading your conference call experience with Poly Sync!

Zoom Certified and Ready for Action

Poly Sync devices are Zoom certified and offer the perfect virtual meeting experience. Enjoy a glitch-free conversation with peace of mind knowing that your device is guaranteed to work seamlessly when integrated into Zoom communication. These amazing devices ensure you can concentrate fully on productive meetings without worrying about technical problems. Maximize your productivity by upgrading your setup today!


The Poly Sync family of USB Bluetooth smart speakerphones is the ideal choice for modern professionals, with its unmatched audio quality and cross-platform compatibility providing a flawless experience when it comes to virtual meetings. With an abundance of features, these USB Bluetooth devices offer everything you need for convenient conference calls, ensuring effortless connectivity through advanced bluetooth technology. Enjoy crystal clear communication no matter where your day takes you with the perfect solution: The Poly Sync range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which poly speakerphone model s support both usb and Bluetooth connectivity?

The Poly Sync 40 USB/Bluetooth smart speakerphone from the recently renamed company, Polycom, provides a hassle-free experience for users in flexible and huddle workspaces with its remarkable sound quality. The device supports both USB and Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it an ideal choice for connecting quickly to get straight to work.

What is the difference between Poly Sync 20 and 20+?

The Poly Sync 20 and the upgraded version, the Poly Sync 20+, share many of the same features such as Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The main difference is that with a BT600 USB Bluetooth adapter included in its package, the 20+ allows support for more applications plus an extra status light feature.

How do I connect my poly speaker to my computer?

Once the speakerphone is pre-paired with your device, plug in its USB cable to your computer and turn it on. You will know that connection has been established when “PC connected” can be heard and the adapter glows solid.

How do I connect to poly sync?

Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your Poly Sync speakerphone for two seconds to connect. Activate Bluetooth on your device, then search for available devices. When you find “Poly Sync 40”, select it to establish a connection.

What are the key differences between the Poly Sync 20, 40, and 60 models?

The Poly Sync 20 and 40 models both have a three-microphone array that is capable of picking up sound from distances of 7 feet and 10 feet, respectively. Meanwhile, the Sync 60 model has an enhanced six-microphone array allowing it to pick up noise within a 20 foot radius. Each system can be powered in different ways: the two former versions run on either USB or battery while the latter also allows AC power mode usage.

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