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Empower Healthcare Workers With Jabra Unified Communication Solutions

Posted by Wei Fei on

Empower Healthcare Workers With Jabra Unified Communication Solutions

Especially right now, workplace modernization is a crucial aspect of running a business. During these tough times, with a lot of employees dealing with high-pressure situations and heavy workloads, it’s essential that they have the right technology to collaborate and tackle challenges together.

This is doubly true in healthcare. Given the challenges that the sector is currently up against, modern technology is an absolute must for any organization that wants to stay afloat.

In particular a focus on communication solutions is key. Right now, healthcare organizations are finding themselves with more patients to treat than ever – but they’re often trying to do it with their employees working remotely, relying on telehealth sessions. This means they need noise-cancelling microphones, quality headsets with clear sound, and other solutions to ensure smooth, easy remote communications. Whether medical professionals are in the office, stuck at home, or on the go, their work should be consistent all the same.

Jabra has the right solutions to make that happen. With their Engage series wireless headsets, users will have three times more density capacity then ever before, ensuring crisp and clean sound. With Speak series microphones, they can connect to meetings instantly via USB or Bluetooth and collaborate with ease. And with PanaCast series cameras, video conferencing becomes a breeze – it’s simply plug and play.

All together, these technologies have the potential to truly empower your healthcare business. They are all highly secure, which means it will be easy for you to maintain compliance. No data is stored on the devices themselves, or on their peripherals or software, which means security breaches won’t be an issue. And because Jabra wireless devices operate on the latest DECT and Bluetooth frequencies, they won’t interfere with other devices on your network. When you don’t have to worry about compliance or security, everything else you do becomes far easier.

Video conferencing has become an essential part of healthcare in 2020. For doctors and nurses, it helps them treat patients efficiently and safely, as in-person hospital visits aren’t always a viable option for everyone. And for other employees behind the scenes, remote collaboration is key, as many employees continue to work from home during the pandemic. Organizations need their communications to be high-quality, high-performing, and always reliable. And security is crucial too – you need it so that your people can hear everything, and others can’t.

At SourceIT, we can help make all of that happen. We’ve always specialized in Workplace Modernization – as the workforce becomes increasingly remote, we’re dedicated to giving them the technology they need to continue thriving. And now, thanks to our strong partnership with Jabra, we’re in the perfect position to give you all the communications solutions you need, plus the services to support them. Reach out to us today to get started.

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