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Effortless Soundtrack for Every Task: Poly Voyager Free 60 True Wireless Earbuds for Work and Life

Posted by Wei Fei on

Discover how the revolutionary Poly Voyager Free 60 True Wireless Earbuds can dramatically enhance your audio experience and help you manage all aspects of life from work to leisure. This blog post examines the features and advantages of these incredibly versatile earbuds, so dive in for an in-depth exploration!

Key Takeaways

  • Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds offer a balance between professional and personal audio experiences, with features such as noise-canceling, touch screen charging case & up to 8 hours of battery life.

  • Enjoy immersive sound quality & intuitive control thanks to advanced connectivity options like multipoint Bluetooth connection & compatibility across devices.

  • Reap the benefits of superior call clarity in any weather conditions with WindSmart technology for an optimal user experience.

Exploring the Dual-Purpose Design of Poly Voyager Free 60

Illustration of a person using the Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds in a work setting

The Poly Voyager Free 60 series caters to modern users’ needs, boasting two distinct models: the economical Voyager Free 60 with Microsoft Swift Pair for fast connectivity and IP54 rating providing ideal audio isolation. Plus the feature-packed Voyager Free 60+ UC including a touchscreen charging case. Both have rapid recharging capabilities - only 2 hours are required for them to be fully restored from empty batteries, up to 8 hrs of usage being available when ANC is enabled.

Work-Ready Features

Photo of the Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds with a focus on the audio controls

The Poly Voyager Free 60 is an effective solution for busy working professionals, delivering numerous features to help you stay productive. Its wide range of compatible devices and superior noise canceling abilities (courtesy of WindSmart technology) makes it suitable for any workspace setting while its stereo telephony modes ensure a reliable high-quality audio output so communication stays clear. This product guarantees ideal audio isolation by providing active noise cancellation as well as wind reduction capabilities.

Life-Enriching Sound Quality

The Poly Voyager Free 60 has all the features needed to keep you productive, but also offers an enriching sound quality for leisure time. The improved version of this model – the Voyager Free 60++. UC, brings a deeper bass and better mids making it ideal for enjoying movies or your favorite playlist with immersive stereo sound. You can also customize your listening experience through different preset options such as Bass, Flat, and Bright settings on the earbuds! With these capabilities combined in one package, take advantage of life’s most relaxing moments by getting enhanced audio entertainment from Poly’s free-60 series devices.

The Hybrid Work Solution with Legendary Poly Audio

Photo of the Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds with a blurred background of a professional work environment

The Voyager Free 60 is a top-of-the-line hybrid work solution thanks to its signature Poly audio quality. This earbud set ensures excellent clarity and power, providing an all around great sound experience for both media usage and professional communication. The noise canceling feature, charging case with touch controls as well as different connecting options make it perfect for any type of working situation. Whether you’re doing virtual meetings or performing day tasks without interruptions, the free 60 will be able to keep up seamlessly guaranteeing steady audio performance at any time.

Advanced Connectivity Options

Illustration of the intuitive control options for the Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds

The Voyager Free 60 offers enhanced capabilities. To the classic Bluetooth technology. These increased features include multipoint connections and support for multiple gadgets which make switching tasks easier than ever.

This section will discuss how these improved attributes boost user convenience with regards to the Voyager Free or, more, The Free 60 product line-up.

Multipoint Bluetooth Features

The Voyager Free 60 stands out due to its multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to connect up to two devices at once. This saves you the trouble of having to manually switch between your audio sources - with a maximum memory capacity of eight devices, this process is made much easier and faster.

This feature has numerous practical applications in professional settings. For example, while taking part in virtual meetings using top-notch meeting providers like Zoom or WebEx. The connecting experience when switching from device A (phone) to device B (laptop) eases thanks to the versatility offered by the free60 earbuds – making working life even more efficient.

Compatibility Across Devices

The Voyager Free 60 earbuds feature excellent multi-point Bluetooth support across numerous platforms and devices. This flexibility makes them an ideal audio device, suitable for a variety of scenarios such as virtual meetings on Microsoft Teams or listening to music from your phone. Compatible systems include smartphones, tablets running both Windows operating systems and macOS, iOS & Android OS’s giving users the option to seamlessly switch between these whenever they need throughout their day while experiencing quality sound no matter what platform is being used. The Voyager Free 60 are designed with versatility in mind so that you can get full use out of them without having to worry about compatibility issues getting in the way.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

The Poly Voyager Free 60+ UC provides intuitive audio controls, giving the user easy access to their playback settings, call functions and sound management options. Through a touchscreen case control panel plus swiping and button features on both earbuds. To use the accompanying app “Poly Lens”, controlling your listening experience has never been easier!

On top of that, with this model you can easily switch between ANC mode (Active Noise Cancellation) or Transparency mode. Mode thanks to its cleverly designed touchscreen shell as well as check up battery life status for both buds while simultaneously connecting two active devices like phones/laptops etc.- making adjusting volume levels, skipping tracks & answering calls effortless without any disruption whatsoever!

Noise Management for Every Environment

The Voyager Free 60 offers superior audio quality with its immersive stereo sound and a customizable listening experience, making it ideal for any environment. With adaptive hybrid ANC noise cancellation feature creating a quiet atmosphere to enjoy your music in, while also allowing ambient noises from the natural surroundings through thanks to two-setting transparency mode – you can guarantee comfort whatever situation you’re faced with. The passive isolation function of this device provides superb audio insulation. Completing an optimized user experience that promises high fidelity every time without having to adjust anything at all!

Comfort That Lasts Throughout the Day

The Voyager Free 60 true wireless earbuds are built for all-day comfort. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the lightweight 5.8 gram earbuds come equipped with three conical shaped tips of various sizes so you can have a secure and comfortable fit while using them both at work and leisurely activities.

The unique comfort centric design ensures that regardless of your activity level, users will still be able to wear these free 60 audio solutions without having any distractions from uncomfortable gear - allowing you just enough support for your ears!

Fast Charging for an On-the-Go Lifestyle

The Voyager Free 60 has fast charging features that make it the ideal choice for people who lead an active lifestyle. With just 15 minutes of charge, the earbuds can provide up to 16.5 hours of call use with two full recharges, giving you one extra hour of talk time! As such, no matter what your day throws at you. From attending meetings back-to-back or listening to in-flight entertainment on a long haul flight – rest assured knowing your Voyager Free devices are always ready when needed and dependable throughout each day.

Unleashing the Potential with Poly Lens Desktop App

The Poly Lens Desktop Desktop. App is a great utility for unlocking extra customization options and features on your Voyager Free 60 earbuds. Through the user-friendly application, you can stay up to date with software updates. Customize settings according to your needs and have personalized health reminders throughout the day. An equalizer setting allows bass boost or brighten tones depending on what sound profile suits best based off of preferences while their Find My Device feature makes sure that no precious time will be wasted in trying to locate missing buds should they wander off somewhere unexpectedly. The app truly amplifies one’s experience when it comes down to being able to enhance usability of Voyager Free headphones from using this invaluable tool.

Superior Call Clarity with WindSmart Technology

The Voyager Free 60 provides remarkable sound quality and reliable performance in breezy conditions, even when transitioning between locations. Its WindSmart technology offers optimal clarity by minimizing wind noise with a stainless-steel mesh windscreen along with specialized algorithms to reduce interference during outdoor calls. So you can be certain that your conversations are always crystal clear using the Voyage Free 60’s advanced features, no matter what kind of weather comes your way!

Versatility Meets Functionality: Voyager Free 60 Series

The Voyager Free 60 series offers a versatile solution to a range of user needs. With its unobtrusive design, completely wireless capabilities and many connection possibilities, it can accommodate various preferences. It delivers legendary Poly audio quality as well as other features such as the charge case that doubles up for Bluetooth transmission purposes. Stem-designed earbuds with three mics per side and intelligent holder which permits Control commands, making this collection an ideal synthesis of usability and practicality while always providing high grade sound experiences to users worldwide.


The Voyager Free 60 series of Poly earbuds offer the perfect mix of usability, portability and comfort - making them an ideal choice whether you’re at work or for leisure. Fitted with advanced connectivity options, intuitive controls as well as noise management coupled with fast charging capabilities. These Poly Voyager Free 60 headphones are sure to please tech savvy individuals out there. Get ready to enjoy superior sound quality thanks to the amazing features on board this truly remarkable set!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years do true wireless earbuds last?

True wireless earbuds have an estimated lifespan of two to five years, though if used frequently these devices usually last between twelve months and twenty-four months.

How do I connect my Poly Voyager free 60 to my Iphone?

To pair your Poly Voyager Free 60+ with your Poly Voyager Free 60+. UC with a mobile device, start by taking the earbuds out of their charging case and pressing and holding either one for 4 seconds. You will hear “pairing” when it is successful. Alternatively, access the Bluetooth icon from the charging case display’s menu to select Pair Device as another option.

How do I update my Poly Voyager free 60 case?

To upgrade your Poly Voyager Free 60 case, plug the charging port into a USB on your computer and open up Poly Lens Desktop. On the left sidebar you will see ‘Voyager Free 60 Series’, select this to view any available updates in the Case tab. When ready, click Update and OK for initiating the firmware update process.

What is the dual-purpose design of the Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds?

The Poly Voyager Free 60 earbuds have been crafted with a dual purpose, to offer sound quality appropriate for the workplace and powerful enough to fit in at home. The cutting-edge design of these buds are perfect if you want an efficient product that will give great audio performance both professionally and personally.

How does the multipoint Bluetooth feature enhance the connectivity of the Voyager Free 60 earbuds?

The Voyager Free 60 earbuds’ multipoint Bluetooth feature allows for simultaneous connection with two devices, providing smooth switching between audio sources for improved efficiency.

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