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With Jabra, You Can Create A Hybrid Workforce To Be Reckoned With

Posted by Wei Fei on

With Jabra, You Can Create A Hybrid Workforce To Be Reckoned With

Nowadays, it’s clearer than ever – when you start to think about workplace modernization, you shouldn’t just think about the “workplace” the way we once knew it. You’re dealing with a lot more than just a traditional office facility and the people who work there. That’s a narrow view of what the workplace really is.

No – today, you have people working all over the place. Some might be in the boardroom; others might be at home, sitting at their kitchen table. If you work in IT, your job is to usher in a modernized work experience that’s tailored to all of them. You want to make it so everyone in your organization, no matter where they are, is equally capable of communicating, collaborating, and ultimately getting stuff done.

This is an area where Jabra specializes. Especially right now, with so many workers settling into remote and hybrid arrangements, Jabra is working to deliver organizations everywhere the best possible technology for video conferencing. They’re going one step further than simply improving personal video – they’re rolling out new video conferencing tools like Jabra PanaCast 20 in an effort to reinvent it completely. With a 180-degree view and industry-leading audio, PanaCast 20 guarantees everyone a premium personal video collaboration experience.

Jabra Panacast 20 Ultra HD 4K AI-Powered Webcam (8300-119) | SourceIT

Working with Jabra PanaCast 20 offers a wide range of benefits. One is the ability simply to share what’s good. Let’s face it: We can’t be camera-ready all the time. But with PanaCast 20, you have an integrated privacy cover that gives you total control. You can simply slide the intuitive cover across your camera lens when you need privacy, and slide it back when you’re ready to be seen. Additionally, PanaCast 20 offers only the highest-quality video – Jabra’s innovative technology uses advanced processors, powerful on-board AI, and a premium 13-megapixel camera to deliver the sharpest possible image. Whenever you’re on camera, you’ll always look your best.

Whenever you’re working remotely, security is going to be a concern. But when you’re working with PanaCast 20, you never have to worry. What you get with PanaCast 20 is an intelligent personal camera that’s specifically engineered for data security. There’s a powerful Edge AI processor driving the camera’s intelligent features, which means everything is happening on the device itself and you don’t have to worry about a data breach from the outside. And when you’re not wasting time fretting about security issues, it’s far easier to focus and simply be productive.

It’s also important to think big-picture. Whenever you make an investment in unified communications (UC), you want to be sure you’re making a sound long-term decision. You don’t just want your people to work more productively now – you want to get real value for years to come. You want technology that’s built for the future. And thankfully, that’s exactly what you get from Jabra. The features packed into PanaCast 20 are new, innovative, and specifically designed for the workforce of 2021 and beyond. We’re talking about cutting-edge AI, powerful 4K Ultra-HD video, and more.

At SourceIT, we have always made it a priority to lead Workplace Modernization efforts for our clients – we believe strongly that modern technology is the key to a productive workforce and a bright future. And thanks to our strong partnerships with organizations like Jabra, these efforts are paying off more than ever. Jabra is a global brand with a passion for high-quality audio and video, and we believe these are higher priorities now than ever. That’s why we’re proud to work together with Jabra, delivering greater remote work outcomes for clients everywhere. Connect with us today and find out for yourself.

Jabra Professional's Choice for Hybrid Working | SourceIT

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