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Maximize Collaboration with Top HP Poly Solutions for Google Workspace

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Optimize your Google Workspace setup with HP Poly solutions for Google workspace. From clear audio in noisy environments to 4K video conferencing, learn how these devices enhance productivity and streamline your virtual meetings without the complexity.

Key Takeaways

  • HP Poly offers a comprehensive suite of devices compatible with Google Workspace and Chrome OS, designed to enhance the quality of audio and video in diverse work environments, and optimize virtual collaboration.

  • Poly Lens cloud management software facilitates IT departments in managing and configuring Poly devices seamlessly, offering scalable solutions that provide valuable insights and device management capabilities through Google Cloud integration.

  • Poly’s solutions, including the Poly Studio X Series video bars and the Poly Sync family, are equipped with advanced technologies like NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence, supporting high-quality audio, inclusive communication, and feature-rich collaboration for all meeting room sizes.

Enhancing Google Workspace with HP Poly Devices

A professional meeting room with HP Poly video collaboration devices

HP Poly has an impressive lineup of video collaboration devices that seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace. These cutting-edge devices, ranging from individual video units to large room setups, provide superior audio quality and greatly enhance the user experience in various work settings. This results in a completely transformed collaboration experience on Google.

The success of any virtual meeting heavily relies on the clarity of both audio and video elements. Thankfully, HP Poly’s advanced technology guarantees exceptional performance in these aspects. Let us take a closer look at their unique offerings which have the ability to revolutionize your use of Google Workspace for effective collaboration through high-quality videos and crystal-clear sound.

Poly Studio for Crystal-Clear Video

At the forefront of video solutions are the Poly Studio devices. These innovative gadgets offer high-quality audio and video for efficient communication in meetings, with options like 4K Ultra HD or full HD cameras depending on your needs. The Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI technologies integrated into these devices effectively block out distractions to ensure clear conversation.

Simple yet powerful, Poly Studio USB video bars greatly enhance medium-sized meeting rooms’ video conferencing experience through easy connectivity via USB. With exceptional audio and visual capabilities packaged in a user-friendly design, Poly Studio takes your virtual meetings to another level beyond ordinary standards.

Poly Voyager Headsets for On-the-Go Professionals

The Voyager headsets from Poly are ideal for busy professionals who frequently travel. Both the Focus 2 and Blackwire series offer advanced noise reduction technology, including Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Acoustic Fence, ensuring clear communication in any setting - whether it’s a bustling airport or a noisy cafe.

For easy connectivity to PC/Mac or mobile devices, models such as the Voyager 8200 UC/Office and 5200 UC/Office have seamless Bluetooth capabilities. These headsets also come with user-friendly controls for effortless call management. The rugged design of the Voyager 5200 UC makes it perfect for outdoor use where wind or background noise can often be disruptive during calls. With Poly’s range of Voyager headsets, you can take your office wherever you may be.

Poly Sync Family: Smart Speakerphones for Every Space

The Sync family from Poly, including the Sync 20 and Sync 60 models, offers exceptional audio clarity for all meeting types in any size room. The six-microphone steerable array of the Poly Sync 60 makes it perfect for conference rooms as it produces powerful sound and ensures everyone can be heard clearly.

For more versatile spaces, the Poly Sync 40 provides full-duplex audio with a multi-microphone array that delivers premium sound quality for natural conversations. Certain models within the series have an IP64 rating, which means they are resistant to dust and water damage, making them suitable for use in different work environments or while on-the-go. With its superior features, the Poly Sync family guarantees important discussions will always have clear and crisp sounds.

Google Cloud Integration with Poly Lens

Poly Lens software integration with Google Cloud

Poly Lens cloud management software is a standout choice for managing devices. It offers the ability to centrally manage and deploy updates for Poly Studio video bars, as well as seamless integration with Google Cloud. With support from Chrome web browsers, IT departments can access and efficiently manage their supported Poly devices.

To its role in device management, the versatile features of the Poly Lens Web App make it an essential tool for any workplace.

It can be easily installed as a Progressive Web App and provides IT teams with powerful capabilities such as deployment, configuration, and updating of poly devices. Furthermore, the platform’s scalability allows valuable insights to be gained from single or multiple endpoints simultaneously.

With efficient device management through Polylens, businesses are able to save time on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on collaboration, one of the most important aspects within modern work environments. The comprehensive functionality provided by this tool also makes it easier than ever before to gain key information about your organization’s tech products.

Purpose-Built Solutions for Chrome OS

Poly offers specialized solutions that are certified for use with Chrome OS. These products can easily connect to Chromebooks through USB ports or 3.5mm connections, making them convenient for IT departments to deploy and providing a seamless user experience on Google’s platform.

One example is Poly’s USB Video Bars which enhance video calls by offering high-quality optics, automatic camera framing, and simple setup processes. They allow users to stand out during virtual meetings. Similar, Poly also has smart speakerphones designed specifically for personal and conference room use that feature echo and noise reduction capabilities as well as touch-sensitive controls for clear communication during calls. With their solutions tailored for the Google ecosystem, collaboration becomes effortless while maintaining efficiency in your work environment.

Powering New Era Meeting Rooms with HP Poly

HP Poly devices empowering a small meeting room

The arrival of HP Poly devices integrated with Google Workspace and Chrome OS marks a new era for meeting rooms. These cutting-edge technologies, such as the Poly DirectorAI embedded in their video bars, offer automatic group framing and speaker tracking without requiring additional drivers or software. This allows for a seamless collaboration experience regardless of room size.

With an extensive selection of devices including android based video appliances, HP Poly has options to cater to all types of meetings (from individualized setups to larger conference spaces) that seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace and Chrome OS. Each device is certified by Google Meet and comes equipped with features like Google Voice desk phones, ensuring high-quality audiovisual capabilities that promote equal participation in diverse work environments through tools like Google Elevate.

When outfitting your small meeting rooms with HP Poly technology, every gathering becomes an opportunity for innovation fueled by efficient communication.

The Impact of Superior Audio in Collaboration

The importance of superior audio quality in collaboration cannot be emphasized enough. It is especially critical for those who are not native speakers or have hearing impairments to have enhanced audio in order to fully engage and participate in collaborative environments. This is where Poly Studio video bars make a significant impact, using advanced technologies like NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence to eliminate background noise and distractions during video calls, ensuring that every voice can be heard clearly.

Poly has engineered the Sync Family, including the models 20, 40, and 60, with exceptional attention paid to delivering outstanding audio performance. With its ability to reduce echo and noise levels, these devices ensure clear communication among all participants regardless of meeting room size.

Some notable features of the Poly Sync Family include exceptional sound quality which enhances overall communication effectiveness while reducing unwanted noises through its use on AI technology. Thus promoting equitable participation by all members present at meetings, whether online or physical ones, aimed at fostering inclusive collaborations.

Video Solutions That Bring Teams Together

Poly Studio X Series video bars are perfect for bringing teams together and enhancing Google Meet sessions. They offer advanced audio and video quality, catering to rooms of all sizes from small huddle spaces to large conference areas. The Poly Studio X30 is an all-in-one device with a 4K camera, cutting-edge noise-canceling technology, and built-in support for cloud-based video services.

In medium to large-sized rooms, the Poly Studio X50 delivers a premium experience featuring a 4K camera, high-performance stereo speakers, intelligent camera framing technology known as NoiseBlockAI, dual monitor output capability, and compatibility with major cloud-based platforms like Google Meet.

For larger conference settings requiring top-notch collaboration tools, the ideal option is the Poly Studio x70, which boasts features such as superior microphone tracking capabilities, a powerful zoom upscaling feature (40x) and allows you control over two monitors simultaneously, promoting efficient teamwork amongst colleagues via crystal clear visual communication during online meetings.Poly’s innovative offerings transform every meeting into an opportunity for seamless team collaboration through their highly effective set of collaborative devices.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Google Meet with Poly

Poly products are ideal for maximizing the full capabilities of Google Meet. The importance of high-quality audio and video cannot be overstated in virtual meetings, as it ensures clear communication among all participants. With Poly headsets, users can experience exceptional audio quality while using Google Meet, regardless of their work environment - whether they’re working on-the-go or in an open office space.

The Poly Sync family elevates the user’s experience during calls with touch-sensitive controls that make call management and volume adjustments effortless when using Google Meet. Features like Speaker Framing and Group Framing from Poly DirectorAI actively highlight speakers and frame participants to create a more inclusive atmosphere during virtual meetings on the Google Meet platform. By utilizing these tools from Polly devices, collaboration is encouraged through top-notch quality even within remote settings.

Optimizing Workspace Resources with Poly Technology

Poly technology simplifies the process of maximizing workspace resources. For example, through its Poly Lens Developer Portal, developers can easily incorporate Poly devices into business workflows to enhance custom software solutions. User-friendly interfaces on devices like Studio X video bars improve meeting efficiency and cater to the diverse needs of modern workspaces.

The extensive management capabilities offered by the Poly Lens platform enable efficient maintenance and monitoring of all Poly devices in a workspace setting. A prime illustration is seen with TC10 touch panels which facilitate streamlined room scheduling and meeting control for more effective use of available resources. With its focus on optimizing workspace resources, poly creates a smooth environment for collaboration purposes.


HP Poly devices revolutionize the Google Workspace experience by providing unmatched audio and video performance, effortless integration, and comprehensive management capabilities. Whether in a compact huddle room or a spacious conference space, these advanced tools ensure that all participants are audible and visible, promoting effective collaboration among everyone. With HP. Poly at your disposal for optimizing your workspace needs, you’re not just prepared for the modern age of teamwork - you’re leading it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does poly support Google meet?

Poly’s range of devices, including Poly Studio X30, X50, X52 and X70 models, fully support Google Meet. These devices allow for a comprehensive meeting experience with access to most features available on the platform. This means that users can seamlessly use all the necessary functionalities while utilizing their preferred Poly device during a virtual meeting using their preferred Poly device.

Is G suite and Google Workspace the same?

In October 2020, Google announced a rebranding of its popular productivity suite from G Suite to Google Workspace. This change reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to improve customer service.

How do I get Google Workspace on my PC?

In order to download Google Workspace onto your computer, you will need to choose the appropriate option depending on which version of Windows you have. If your operating system is Windows 7 or newer, it can be found in the Microsoft System Center under Software Center. For older versions of Windows, access it through Control Panel by opening Advertised Programs.

What are some of the key features of Poly Studio video bars?

Poly Studio video bars are equipped with essential functionalities such as a top-notch camera, innovative noise-cancelling technologies, and convenient USB connection to provide an improved video conferencing experience. This makes it a valuable asset for conducting successful virtual meetings of excellent visual quality while minimizing distractions caused by background noise. The Poly Studio’s impressive features make it an ideal choice for facilitating high-quality collaboration through online video conferences.

Are Poly Voyager headsets suitable for professionals on the move?

Poly Voyager headsets are ideal for professionals who are frequently on the go as they come equipped with cutting-edge technology to reduce noise and actively cancel out background sounds, ensuring crisp communication in any setting. These features make Poly headsets a reliable choice for busy individuals seeking clear audio during their work travels or while working from various locations.

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