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Reliable Power Protection: The Vertiv Network and Server Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Essentials

When power interruptions threaten your network and server operations, Vertiv network and server uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems stand ready to safeguard your critical infrastructure. With advanced features that ensure seamless continuity and operational integrity, discover what makes Vertiv UPS an essential asset for achieving unyielding reliability in your digital ecosystem.

SourceIT is an Vertiv Authorised Reseller in Singapore, offering Vertiv’s full line-up of products such as Liebert UPS, EXM UPS with Lithium-ion Batteries and Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU).

Key Takeaways

  • Vertiv UPS systems provide essential power protection for network and server environments, ensuring business continuity during power outages and protection against power quality issues like voltage fluctuations and surges.

  • The Liebert UPS range from Vertiv offers tailored solutions for different IT scenarios, featuring technologies like Online Double Conversion and Line Interactive UPS systems, with tools for advanced monitoring and maintenance to maximize uptime and efficiency.

  • Scalability and flexibility in Vertiv UPS systems allow businesses to adapt to growing power needs, with options like modular expansions and battery runtime scalability, ensuring cost-effective long-term investment and future-proofing against increased demands.

Essential Role of UPS in Network and Server Environments

Network equipment connected to uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Have you ever wondered why your internet stays connected during a power outage? The answer lies in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, also known as uninterrupted power supply. These uninterruptible power supplies are the silent protectors ensuring internet connectivity during power outages, safeguarding continuous operational capabilities of your network equipment, such as modems and routers.

Beyond just keeping the lights on, online UPS systems protect computers from power disturbances, such as anomalies like power fluctuations, spikes, surges, brownouts, and electrical noise.

They do this by filtering the power supply and delivering consistent power quality.

While generators may seem like an alternative, they come with their own set of challenges - maintenance requirements and safety risks. This is where UPS systems truly shine, offering businesses, especially small and mid-sized enterprises, a reliable solution. However, it’s not just about having a UPS system in place, but also about maintaining it. Ensuring the UPS systems are well-maintained is critical to ensuring the reliability of business services and preventing negative outcomes such as data loss, system downtime, and equipment damage.

Vertiv's Solution to Power Interruptions: Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS

Vertiv UPS system in a server room

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, offers UPS systems that are designed to ensure operational integrity and prevent disruptions in network and server environments, particularly during critical operations. Imagine you’re working on a vital project when a sudden power outage strikes. With Vertiv UPS systems, you won’t miss a beat.

The features such as zero transfer time to battery, voltage regulation, and scalable external battery packs enhance the capability of Vertiv UPS systems to provide uninterrupted service for network and server equipment.

Liebert UPS Systems Designed for Network Reliability

Vertiv’s Liebert UPS systems are specifically tailored for network closets, computer rooms, and data centers, ensuring reliability and flexibility in diverse environments. For instance, the Liebert ITA2 UPS can accommodate critical loads under 10kVA, offering scalability in battery runtimes, with three-phase power available in rackmount or tower configurations. Additionally, external battery cabinets can be utilized to further extend the runtime of these UPS systems.

For edge or distributed IT applications, the Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS systems enhance infrastructure protection through line-interactive capabilities and advanced battery technology. A standout in the series, the GXT5 UPS is notable for its:

  • High output power factor, maximizing power delivery to connected equipment

  • Full-color graphic LCD

  • Gravity sensing orientation

  • Individually controllable output power sockets

The GXT5 UPS excels in load management.

Vertiv UPS for Server Room Assurance

Safeguarding your server room infrastructure from potential disruptions is a critical aspect of business continuity. Vertiv UPS systems deliver online operation with zero transfer time to battery, ensuring continuous power without interruption to critical server room infrastructure during outages. Imagine a power outage striking your business. Instead of a sudden blackout causing disruption, Vertiv UPS systems seamlessly take over, maintaining power and preventing downtime in server environments.

In scenarios of prolonged power outages, Vertiv UPS systems act as a bridge, providing critical power protection until backup generators can be initiated. This means that even in the worst-case scenario, your business operations can continue unhindered, thanks to the robust protection offered by Vertiv UPS systems.

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Vertiv doesn’t just provide power protection. It equips businesses with advanced monitoring tools including Vertiv RDU101 network communications cards and compatibility with environmental sensors, along with integrated dry-contacts with selectable definitions. This allows for comprehensive web-based power monitoring through programs like Trellis™ Power Insight management software, Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert, and the Liebert SiteScan Web Centralized Monitoring and Control system.

To facilitate proactive maintenance and minimize downtime, the Liebert GXT5 UPS systems feature:

  • Battery health status indicators alongside prediction for replacement dates

  • Remote management capabilities, allowing administrators to perform updates and configurations from afar

  • Ongoing supervision of power supply and load levels

This means that, with Vertiv, you’re not just investing in power protection, you’re investing in peace of mind.

The Backbone of Business Continuity: Online Double Conversion UPS

Online double conversion UPS system

One of the technologies that Vertiv utilizes to ensure uninterrupted power is the Online Double Conversion UPS. This technology maintains a clean and consistent power signal crucial for sensitive electronics and critical applications by:

  • Supplying continuous and reliable power

  • Converting incoming utility power to DC and then back to AC, which improves voltage and frequency regulation

  • Eliminating electrical noise, spikes, or surges

Not only does this technology ensure uninterrupted power, but it’s also known for high energy efficiency due to high-frequency switching technology. This provides a high return on investment through improved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). Vertiv offers specific online double conversion UPS solutions such as the Liebert EXL S1, Trinergy Cube, and Liebert GXT5, which include features like transformer-free design, large capacities, and remote emergency power off.

Enhancing Efficiency with Line Interactive UPS Technology

Line interactive UPS technology for efficiency

Vertiv’s Line-interactive UPS systems are another crucial part of their power protection portfolio. These systems are suitable for mid-sized business IT equipment and smaller network devices. The GXT5 UPS from Vertiv boasts high efficiency—up to 98% in Active ECO mode—and has earned the Energy Star® 2.0 certification for its efficiency.

The technology behind Vertiv’s line-interactive UPS systems features voltage boost circuitry for handling a wider range of input voltage and an inverter that provides output filtering with voltage regulation while charging the battery. The Vertiv EDGE line interactive UPS family is specifically designed for distributed IT and edge computing applications, further attesting to the versatility and efficiency of Vertiv’s UPS solutions.

Standby UPS: The First Line of Defense Against Power Issues

Standby UPS system for power protection

Standby UPS systems, also known as Offline UPS, are designed to provide essential power protection by supplying battery-sourced power to equipment during outages. Under normal power conditions, the Standby UPS allows direct utility power to the hardware, while its inverter remains on standby, ready to switch to battery power within milliseconds upon detecting a power loss.

Not only do Standby UPS systems offer protection against power surges, spikes, and dips, but they also contribute to the longevity of electronic devices by acting as a buffer during sudden power events. Being the least expensive among UPS types and often with a compact design, Standby UPS devices present an affordable and reliable backup solution suitable for home networks and less demanding professional settings.

Tailoring UPS Solutions: Scalability and Flexibility

As businesses grow, so do their power requirements. Vertiv UPS systems are designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, ensuring they adjust to a business’s growing power requirements. The Vertiv Liebert EXM UPS offers scalability and redundancy, ideal for midsize IT and critical power applications, and can be expanded using modular power core assemblies.

Modular UPS systems like Vertiv’s allow for scalability by adding or removing power modules as needed. Intelligent paralleling and independent power modules in scalable UPS systems increase reliability, allowing efficient load redistribution upon module failure.

To ensure a UPS system is future-proof, it is important to consider potential growth or uncertainties within the next three years, allowing for future needs without the need for immediate replacement.

Protecting Against Data Loss with Battery Backup

In today’s digital world, data is king. Thus, protecting against data loss is of paramount importance. A UPS battery backup provides protection against power outages, facilitating work continuity or enabling precautionary measures during longer outages. Having a battery backup allows for enough time to save work during a power outage, thus preventing the frustration of lost data and work progress. Investing in backup power solutions, such as a UPS battery backup, is a smart choice for businesses and individuals alike.

The presence of a battery backup in a UPS system offers several benefits:

  • It gives users confidence and peace of mind, mitigating the fear of work interruption due to power-related issues.

  • It offers longer backup time compared to other UPS designs, making it suitable for applications that require extended power protection.

  • It allows users to determine the short-term backup time needed, estimating the minutes of battery/runtime for operations during a power interruption.

Installation and Maintenance: Ensuring UPS Longevity

Proper installation and maintenance are crucial for maximizing UPS system performance and longevity, as it is considered critical equipment. Selecting the proper environment for UPS installation is essential, ensuring operational temperature specifications of the UPS are met without exposure to heat sources, open windows, high moisture, excessive dust, or corrosive fumes. The proper placement of the UPS is crucial, and it requires unblocked ventilation openings, a suitable form factor (tower or rack-mounted), space consideration, and an understanding of the facility’s specific installation requirements.

Operating a UPS at the rated ambient temperature of 20°C maximizes battery life and performance, while temperatures above rated conditions can dramatically reduce battery lifespan. Adequate cooling, including serviceable air conditioning and potential use of sophisticated free cooling techniques, is pivotal for maintaining proper UPS operating conditions, especially during hot seasons.

To ensure continuous UPS system reliability, it is recommended to:

  • Perform regular full-capacity testing

  • Establish a maintenance routine for temperature, humidity, component checks, and visual inspections

  • Regularly check battery voltage levels.

Choosing the Right Vertiv UPS for Your Needs

Choosing the right Vertiv UPS system for your needs is a crucial decision. One of the key factors to consider is the specific UPS runtime required for your critical devices and applications to either transition to generator power or safely shut down systems during power interruptions. Additionally, match the UPS system’s features and capabilities with your onsite staff’s expertise in power management to ensure proper operation and maintenance.

Ensure the selected UPS has sufficient outlets for all devices needing support and consider using a power distribution unit (PDU) if additional outlets are necessary. Factor in the potential cost savings by investing in a UPS, as downtime can result in significant financial losses, especially in industries where downtime costs can quickly escalate. Assess the criticality of your applications to determine the necessary degree of power redundancy to ensure continuous operations.


In conclusion, investing in a Vertiv UPS system is a strategic business decision that goes beyond mere power supply. It safeguards your business continuity, protects against data loss, and optimizes operational efficiency. With Vertiv’s unparalleled range of UPS systems and their advanced features, you can ensure that your business stays powered, connected, and efficient, even in the face of unexpected power disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the power factor of Vertiv UPS?

The power factor of Vertiv UPS is 0.9, providing an efficient and reliable power supply for electronic devices in various settings.

What is UPS for server?

A UPS for a server refers to an Uninterruptible Power Supply, which is designed to provide continuous power in the event of a sudden disruption in the supply. This ensures that servers remain operational during power outages or fluctuations.

What is a benefit of having an uninterruptible power supply UPS attached to a server?

Having an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) attached to a server provides benefits such as safeguarding critical systems, minimizing downtime, and reducing the risk of equipment damage (Source: UPS ensures uninterrupted operations and prevents data loss, making it essential for maintaining business continuity and performing controlled shutdowns.

What are the benefits of Online Double Conversion UPS?

The Online Double Conversion UPS provides a consistent power signal essential for sensitive electronics and critical applications, ensuring continuous and reliable power.

What factors should I consider when choosing a Vertiv UPS system?

When choosing a Vertiv UPS system, consider factors such as runtime requirements, staff expertise, outlet availability, potential cost savings, and the criticality of your applications. These considerations will help you make an informed decision.