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Experience Vibrant Reading: The Kobo Clara Colour Colour E Readers Review

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Looking for an e-reader that brings books to life in full color? The Kobo Clara Colour Colour E Readers could be the splash of vibrancy you’re after. This article dives into what sets the Kobo Clara Colour apart, from its enhanced display to its eco-friendly build and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • The Kobo Clara Colour eReader features a 6” E Ink Kaleido™ 3 color display, providing a high resolution for black-and-white and color content, paired with a substantial 16GB storage capacity and over 85% recycled plastic construction.

  • Compared to Kobo Libra Colour’s larger 7-inch display and 32GB storage, Kobo Clara Colour offers unique features like the ComfortLight PRO for adjustable light settings and reduced blue light exposure, enhancing visual comfort.

  • The Kobo Clara Colour supports extended use with up to 42 days of battery life and offers advanced functionalities like audiobook integration with Bluetooth, cloud service connectivity for note-taking, and customizable reading settings.

Unveiling the Kobo Clara Colour

Illustration of Kobo Clara Colour eReader

Meet the Kobo Clara Colour, the most inspiring eReader that brings your books to life like never before. With color e readers like the Kobo Clara Colour, you can enjoy an enhanced reading experience. The Kobo Clara Colour features:

  • 6” E Ink Kaleido™ 3 display with a higher black-and-white resolution of 1448 x 1072

  • 150 PPI for colour content, delivering an enhanced reading experience

  • Impressive 16GB storage capacity, catering to avid readers with extensive libraries

The Kobo Clara Colour is an eco-conscious eReader that offers:

  • Made with over 85% recycled plastic

  • Packaged using eco-friendly materials

  • Dual-core 2.0 GHz processor

  • Extensive battery life of up to 42 days

This ensures a robust, uninterrupted reading experience.

Colour E Ink Kaleido Display

The magic of colour and Kobo Clara lies in its 6” E Ink Kaleido™ 3 display, designed to deliver a soothing and full-colour reading experience. This innovative E Ink technology provides a subtle palette, equally effective for black and white content as well as colour, creating a more natural and comfortable reading experience.

ComfortLight PRO & Blue Light Reduction

Adding to the comfort of reading is the Kobo Clara Colour’s ComfortLight PRO feature, which provides:

  • Adjustable brightness and colour temperature settings

  • Personalized lighting preference

  • Reduced blue light exposure

  • Enhanced visual comfort

  • Reduced eyestrain for readers

Comparing Kobo Clara Colour and Kobo Libra Colour

Comparison of Kobo Clara Colour and Kobo Libra Colour eReaders

While the Kobo Clara Colour has many unique features, it shares some commonalities with its sibling, the new Kobo Libra Colour. Both these devices employ E Ink Kaleido displays with 300 PPI for black and white content and 150 PPI for colour content. However, the Libra Colour offers a larger 7-inch display compared to the Clara Colour’s 6-inch display, giving readers a wider canvas for their literary adventures. When it comes to libra colour and kobo, these devices provide an exceptional reading experience.

Both eReaders are designed with the modern reader in mind. They feature an IPX8 waterproof rating, suitable for reading by the pool or in a relaxing bath. Additionally, these devices are powered by the same fast dual-core 2GHz processors, providing a smooth and lag-free reading experience.

When it comes to storage, the Kobo Libra Colour edges out its counterpart with a generous 32GB capacity. This is particularly beneficial for readers who enjoy audiobooks or graphic novels, which typically require more storage space.

Enhancing Your Reading Life with Kobo Stylus

The Kobo Clara Colour is more than just an eReader; it’s a digital notebook, thanks to the Kobo Stylus. This auxiliary tool enhances the eReader experience by enabling digital annotations and note-taking, allowing you to jot down thoughts or highlight sections directly on the device.

What’s more, the Kobo Stylus integrates seamlessly with cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. This allows for easy access and storage of your notes and annotated documents, ensuring that your insights and reflections are never more than a few taps away.

Kobo's Eco-Conscious Approach

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Kobo’s commitment to an eco-conscious approach shines through in the Clara Colour eReader. The exterior of the device is made with recycled plastics, emphasizing Kobo’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact. As a more eco conscious ereader, the Clara Colour sets a new standard for sustainable technology in the eReader market.

Beyond the use of recycled materials, Kobo has designed the Clara Colour eReader with repairability in mind. Key components can be replaced to prolong the life of the device, further reducing electronic waste. Kobo also participates in carbon offsetting projects and maintains transparency about its sustainability efforts on their official website.

Audiobook Integration and Wireless Technology

The Kobo Clara Colour is not just for eBook enthusiasts; it’s also a haven for audiobook lovers. With built-in Bluetooth technology, users can listen to their favourite audiobooks with the convenience of wireless headphones or speakers.

In addition to Bluetooth, the Kobo Clara Colour supports Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, ensuring fast and efficient data transfer for downloading audiobooks and other content. With the average audiobook file size of 28.8MB per hour of audio, the device’s storage space can accommodate both eBooks and audiobooks, making it a versatile choice for all kinds of readers.

Alternatives: Kobo Clara BW and Other Kobo E Readers

If colour isn’t your primary concern, Kobo offers an alternative in the form of the Kobo Clara BW. This eReader sports a 6-inch glare-free E Ink Carta 1300 HD touchscreen, ensuring comfortable reading under various lighting conditions. Like its colourful sibling, the Kobo Clara BW also offers full waterproof protection, making it a durable companion for different environments.

Other Rakuten Kobo eReaders also offer a variety of features and specifications to suit different reading preferences. Whether you’re a casual reader or a literature enthusiast, Kobo has an eReader for you.

Battery Life and Storage Space Utilization

The Kobo Clara Colour eReader offers impressive power efficiency with a battery that can last up to 42 days on a single charge when used for 30 minutes per day with the front light at 30% brightness and wireless connectivity turned off. This means you can enjoy your favourite books for longer without worrying about finding the next power outlet.

In terms of storage, the Kobo Clara Colour is a powerhouse. With a storage capacity of 16GB, it can accommodate up to 12,000 eBooks or 75 Kobo Audiobooks, providing ample space for most users’ reading needs.

Customizing Your Kobo Clara Colour

Kobo Clara Colour eReader Battery and Storage

Your reading experience on the Kobo Clara Colour can be as unique as you are. The device allows you to personalize your reading settings, including:

  • Selecting from various fonts

  • Adjusting the size of the text

  • Modifying the line spacing and margins

  • Setting text justification preferences

These customizations can be easily accessed via the Reading Menu, and your preferred font size and style settings will be saved and applied to other books being read, providing a consistent and personalized reading experience.

Tips for Enjoying Online Articles and Content on Kobo Clara Colour

The Kobo Clara Colour isn’t just for books and audiobooks; it’s also a great tool for enjoying online articles and other content. Thanks to the device’s integration with Pocket, you can save online articles and read them on the device at your convenience.

This makes the Kobo Clara Colour a perfect companion for those who like to stay updated with the latest news, blogs, and articles, providing a one-stop solution for all your reading needs.


In summary, the Kobo Clara Colour eReader is a device that blends technology and literature, offering a vibrant and customizable reading experience. With features like the Colour E Ink Kaleido display, ComfortLight PRO, Bluetooth technology for audiobooks, and integration with Pocket for online articles, the Kobo Clara Colour is a versatile device for all types of readers. Its eco-conscious design and impressive storage capacity further make it a desirable choice in the eReader market. Whether you’re a seasoned eBook enthusiast or a newcomer to digital reading, the Kobo Clara Colour is sure to enhance your reading life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Kobo Clara Colour different from other eReaders?

The Kobo Clara Colour stands out from other eReaders due to its vibrant 6" E Ink Kaleido™ 3 display, 16GB storage, eco-conscious design, and enhanced performance with a dual-core 2.0 GHz processor.

How does the Kobo Clara Colour ensure a comfortable reading experience?

The Kobo Clara Colour ensures a comfortable reading experience by incorporating ComfortLight PRO, offering adjustable brightness and color temperature settings to reduce blue light exposure and enhance visual comfort.

How does the Kobo Stylus enhance the reading experience on the Kobo Clara Colour?

The Kobo Stylus enhances the reading experience on the Kobo Clara Colour by enabling digital annotations, note-taking, and seamless integration with cloud services for easy access and storage of notes.

What is Kobo's approach to sustainability?

Kobo is committed to sustainability by using over 85% recycled plastic in their devices, designing for repairability, participating in carbon offsetting projects, and maintaining transparency about their sustainability efforts.

How can I customize my reading experience on the Kobo Clara Colour?

You can customize your reading experience on the Kobo Clara Colour by selecting various fonts, adjusting text size, line spacing, margins, and setting text justification preferences. This allows for personalized reading preferences.


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