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DLINK Redundant Power Supply for DGS-3000 Series (DPS-500A)

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DLINK Redundant Power Supply for DGS-3000 Series (DPS-500A) -3 Year Warranty

Aruba | SourceIT

The DPS-500A redundant power supply (RPS) is designed to meet the wattage requirements of the D-Link Ethernet and Gigabit switches. This is an external RPS unit enclosed in a solid metal box with sockets to connect to the AC power source at one end and to connect to the internal power switch at the other end. This provides a simple and inexpensive solution to the problem of an internal power supply failure from an unintentional Ethernet switch, which can cause shutdown of the switch, devices installed on its ports or the entire network. Supporting full output power for switches, this redundant power supply can maximize switch device power availability.

Redundant Power Backup
Each DPS Link is equipped with an integrated detection circuit that continuously monitors the internal power of the switch. If a power failure occurs, the redundant power supply is immediately turned on so that the LAN switches and connected devices can continue to provide services.
This results in a more reliable network infrastructure and protects the network from being dropped due to failure of a single network device power supply.

Easy and Flexible Deployment
Deployment of a DPS series device does not require any change in the configuration of the LAN switch. Each RPS is equipped with a universal internal power supply and can be connected to any AC power source from 90 V AC to 264 V AC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz through a standard AC power cable.

Modular Redundant Power Supplies
The DPS-500A is a modular redundant power supply that can be installed as an independent power supply or placed in a DPS-800 Rack-mounted chassis. The chassis is designed to be mounted on a standard 19-inch gear rack. Several pieces of power can be placed inside the chassis, from which they can be connected to a switch mounted on the same rack.

Redundant Power Protection
– Connect to various Gigabit D-Link switches
– Provide backup power for internal power supply that is on the switch
– Overcurrent protection
– LED status indicator

Flexible Usage Options
– Can be installed as a stand-alone redundant power supply or be installed on a 19-inch multi-slot chassis
– Hot swappable when installed in the chassis
– Solid metal housing case

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