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Vertiv RDU-SIC G2 Card for SNMP/Web and Devices Monitoring for ITA2 - SourceIT

Vertiv RDU-SIC G2 Card for SNMP/Web and Devices Monitoring for ITA2

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Vertiv RDU-SIC G2 Card for SNMP/Web and Devices Monitoring for ITA2 - 3 Years Local Warranty

    • Remote Monitoring: The RDU-SIC G2 Card enables remote monitoring of the Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS system and connected devices. This allows administrators to oversee the system’s performance and status from any location with network connectivity.
    • SNMP and Web Management: The card provides both SNMP and web-based management interfaces, offering flexibility in how administrators access and interact with the UPS system and its data.
    • Comprehensive Device Monitoring: In addition to monitoring the UPS itself, the card can also monitor connected devices and equipment, providing a comprehensive view of the entire power infrastructure.
    • Real-time Data Access: Administrators can access real-time data, such as input/output voltage, load levels, battery status, and more, through the card’s web interface. This data helps in making informed decisions and responding to issues promptly.
    • Alerts and Notifications: The card can generate alerts and notifications via email or SNMP traps when specific events or alarms occur, ensuring timely response to critical situations.
    • Remote Configuration: Administrators can remotely configure UPS and device settings through the card, optimizing the system’s performance and efficiency.
    • Event Logging: Detailed event logs are maintained by the card, allowing administrators to review historical data and troubleshoot issues effectively.
    • Security Measures: The card includes security features such as user authentication and password protection, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and manage the UPS system.
    • Firmware Updates: Firmware updates for the card can be performed remotely, enabling administrators to keep the card up to date with the latest features and enhancements.
    • Compatibility: The Vertiv RDU-SIC G2 Card (02311887) is specifically designed for use with the Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS system bearing the model number ‘02311887’.


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